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Sharing the benefits of Yoga!

Are you already a yoga teacher or considering to become a yoga teacher? Whatever it may be, one thing is very clear: you love what yoga brings you and if possible you would love to dive deeper into it!
The beauty of being a yoga teacher is that we have the opportunity to dive deeper into our own practice and discover so many gifts in connection to who we are... AND that we get to share with others what we love so much!  The beauty is that this can be a never-ending journey where you keep getting inspired and empowered yourself and you pass it on... Inspiring others to find that essential connection with themselves by introducing them to the magic of yoga. 

A few features of our yoga teacher trainings

online yoga community

Online Yoga Community

Trainee yoga teachers get access to a vibrant international online yoga community to learn, to inspire each other and to get support. Yoga is about connection, and together we can rise to greater heights :)

All level teacher trainings

We help you into becoming a certified 200hrs / 300hrs / 500hrs RYT Yoga teacher and offer YACEP modules for graduated teachers.
All our trainings are Yoga Alliance® accredited.

Find your authenticity

We encourage every participant to connect to their authentic Self and to become a unique and inspiring yoga teacher. We teach you tools to find your voice and your message to share through your teachings.

Mentorship Package

We offer the option of continuous support with a yearly Mentorship and Refinement program. This includes Live yogaclasses with Kata and Live thematic workshops to refine your skills, to learn more and go deeper. 

Self-love & Compassion

We believe in a compassionate and loving approach in our trainings rather then a rigid education. When we feel safe, we naturally open up and then it is easier to learn and we do it with joy! We'll help you find the path to self-love and acceptance.

Transformative Trainings

Every yoga teacher course teaches us a lot about ourselves, about our lives and about how we can inspire and empower others. Many teachers before you have experienced our yoga teacher trainings as truly life-changing!

"A great yoga teacher brings you closer to your body and soul"

sacred yoga teacher student connection

Teaching yoga is meeting each other

Having many years of experience as teacher trainers in yoga and self-awareness, we recognise what is in important when becoming a yoga teacher yourself. This is why our trainings include the importance of practicing and teaching a yoga class with your full presence, your awareness. The more you dare to be fully present in your body, the more you radiate your authenticity and the more solid your yoga practice becomes. That makes it a lot easier for your students to connect to you and to follow your guidance, because you are fully present and that enables them to feel you! 

This is essential together with knowing how to teach an asana (yoga posture).
It will make the difference between you and many other teachers.
Because you learn to teach from your authentic self and that will keep sparking up your passion and love for yourself and for yoga.

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Yoga teacher training course

Learn to teach relaxing, empowering and energetically balancing yoga classes to support people in these challenging times.

  • Taught by senior experienced teacher trainers with 17 years of teaching experience. 
  • Including many teacher skills, like: learning to sequence classes,
     holding a space for your students, the role of a teacher, important  
     assisting skills, recognising physical limitations and giving options.
  • Balanced approach of yoga from a physical perspective and energy awareness perspective, taught in a down to earth way.
  • Our online yoga training materials will be available for two years after signing up
  • All of our online yoga teacher trainings are Yoga Alliance® approved.

    We love to incorporate the healing potential of yoga yet with a balance of learning all the correct adjustments for the asanas. And with the understanding that the more we learn to love ourselves, find inner balance and invite compassion into our lives, the more joyful and easy our path becomes...

Frequently asked questions for teachers

Is a yoga teacher training going to be really intense?

Every teacher training is intense, as in some ways it is important that we get out of our comfort zone in order to grow and expand.
However, we love to make sure that there is a right balance of ease, grace and nourishment - together with empowerment and strength development in our trainings. So that it always stays enjoyable, fun and yes, in a healthy way challenging!

Is it stressful to become a yoga teacher?

We believe that there is enough stress already in people´s life´s, so we try to create a completely relaxed atmosphere where we can learn together in an inspiring and efficient way.

Are your teacher trainings approved by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, all our online yoga teacher trainings are accredited by Yoga Alliance and they can be part of your education towards becoming a 200hrs RYT or 500hrs RYT Yoga Teacher.

What does it give me as a customer to join one of your events?

Personal attention, open to all levels, the teachers meet you where you are right now.
A map to grow and develop yourself under the guidance of senior teachers.
A community experience: getting connected to like-minded, hearted people. Inspiration and knowledge to walk your authentic path with skills and success.

More frequently asked questions on our faq page.

Teacher testimonials

A life changing experience!

"This 200h Yin Yang Yoga TT exceeded every expectation I ever had about a yoga teacher training. The teaching program was very nourishing and well-planned. We could all take it at our pace and under the teachers’ careful guidance and supervision. Kata’s expertise and knowledge in not just the asanas but also in anatomy, mantras, mudras, Sanskrit Chinese 5 Elements and Ayurveda allowed us to really understand and connect with the course on a deeper level and Erno’s yoga Nidra sessions were extremely powerful. Whether you have prior yoga experience or not, I highly recommend this YYTT for everyone that wants to truly understand the fundamentals of yoga. I wish I had known about this program before I injured my back because now I know exactly how to listen to my body and honour it with a yoga practice that is suitable for me. This YYTT, the whole experience really helped me regain not only my strength but also my  confidence in practicing and teaching a yoga flow with the right attitude."

K. from the United States.
Online yoga teacher training with Rise & Shine

"Because of the traveling restrictions due to the CV, I was not able to attend the yoga teacher training in person as initially planned. So I took the opportunity to do the 200hrs Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training online.
I know it sounds weird but it was an amazing, transformative experience! Kata is able to shine her light even through the Internet by always being open to listen,

never judgemental or losing patience with our thousands of questions. She was able to create a safe space and unified our group. She transmitted a lot of her valuable

knowledge while, at the same time, giving each of us the space to grow and find out what works for us.
For me that is what a good teacher is all about :
someone that not only has all the knowledge but who also embodies the qualities he/she is talking about.
I am beyond grateful!"

M.M. from Luxemburg

Our online yoga teacher trainings for teachers and practitioners

acu yin yoga

30hrs Acupressure-Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Join our Powerful and Transformative 

30hrs Acu-Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training. This is a special
in-depth YACEP training for Self-Care and Yin Yoga Teachers. 

yin yoga teacher training online

50h Yin Yoga Essentials Teacher Training

Our highly recommended 50hrs Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a solid basics for Yin yoga, mindfulness, Chinese 5 elements and meridian theory.

yin flow yoga training

50hrs Chakra Yin Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Do you love yin yoga? Then it is time to go deeper with the Yin Flow and Chakra yoga teacher training. Learn amazing sequences and discover the impact on your life & your students
restorative yoga online

35hrs Goddess Restorative Yoga TT

Discover the deep rest & nourishment
in Goddess restorative yoga!
Learn the healing benefits of the long-held, simple and gentle restorative yoga poses without any effort.

And how to teach others...
free yoga class

'I am not sure if I am ready for this...'
Take a free yoga class with us to discover our yoga teacher training!

Follow a free class with Kata and discover more about our way of yoga and teaching. Let's connect after the class to see where you could start your journey...

And never forget: "As you start to walk on the way, the way appears."