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Enjoy this free yin yoga class with Kata

Easy to follow yoga poses - rebalancing - relaxing & rejuvenating for body & mind

FREE Full length yoga class with Kata van Doesselaar

Get to know Kata's teaching style. Enjoy free this full length yoga class that is accessible for all level yoga practitioners

Our 50hrs Yoga Alliance approved Yin Yoga teacher trainings

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50hrs Chakra Yin & Yin Flow TT

Do you want learn & teach a new kind of yin yoga classes?
Are you looking for inspiring teachings and you have always been interested in working with chakra's?
Then this 50 hrs LIVE-online chakra yoga teacher training is for you!
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50hrs Yin Yoga Essentials Teacher Training

Join our highly recommended 50hrs Yin Yoga Essentials 

Teacher Training (YACEP) for a solid base in Yin yoga teachings and mindfulness with introduction of Chinese Medicine, 5 elements,  meridian and organ health concepts.

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A.B. from the UK

"Thanks Kata as always for another 

truly life-changing course and experience!"

"Before starting the course I was completely burnt out (again!) with chronic fatigue syndrome. Then the Acu-Yin yoga teacher training came at the perfect time for me!

The first session I tried was the self help headaches acupressure points as my headaches were constant, wow what a difference! I was hooked, and slowly and consistently went through the course and adding certain points to my own daily routine. . I repeated the course, whilst using certain points on a daily basis, finally settling into a familiar sequence pattern that just felt right for me. Now my energy levels really increased, I feel calmer and more at peace with a trust that life’s problems would short themselves out, so no need for me to try and force an outcome. Decisions and answers come more naturally now without overthinking things.

I now have more time for me, more self care, patience, the ability to say no and respect my own boundaries as I want to be able to help others but not at the expense of my own health.

Finding that balance for me has been one of my biggest challenges and I really feel like I now have the confidence to move forward in life at my own pace. Thanks Kata as always for another truly life-changing course and experience! My love of yin is even stronger and deeper than ever now. 

I know I’ve found my true path in life, that is absolutely certain."