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50h Chakra Yin & Yin Flow Teacher Training

 Do you want learn & teach a new kind of yin yoga classes?
Are you looking for inspiring teachings and you have always been interested in working with chakra's?
Then this online chakra yoga training is for you.

NOW AS ONLINE TRAINING from your own home!

A unique on demand training, edited and enriched version of our 6 DAYS LIVE TRAINING

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Discover the transformational power of chakra's & yin yoga poses together

In this 50hrs online advanced yin yoga teacher training, a magical immersion with high vibrational practices, we will awaken the consciousness and themes of each chakra and learn the tools to do this through yin yoga and yin flow , meditative slow movement meditation sequences. You will learn about how the chakras, their dynamics, are affecting your life.
Chakras are energy centers in our system, connected to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

We will journey through each chakra, explore it's topic in our life through yin yoga & meditative yin flow practices. We will practice them together, break down our sequences and work with each theme in a deep powerful way to understand the alchemy that can take place when we move with awareness, we work with intention and the knowledge of our energy bodies. Each chakra will reveal its truth to us we will be connecting to the Earth (Muladhara 1. Chakra), Water (Swadisthana 2. chakra ).. Fire (Manipura 3. chakra) Air (Anahata Chakra) , Akash (ether throat & third eye & crown chakras)..

Please Note: This 50hrs chakra balance yoga training can be added to the basic 50/60hrs  hrs yin yoga essentials, 30 hrs acupressure & yin and 70 hrs Advanced yin yoga teacher trainings, so they build up together to a 200hrs Yin Yoga Certification - Yoga Alliance approved (RYT200)

chakra yoga training

Into deep self care

Discover how yin yoga can help you to let go of physical, emotional and mental tensions, so you can relax deeper into your body.
chakra yoga training

Get to know your body

Our yoga practices and lectures will give a deeper understanding of our bodies and how to listen to the signals that your body is giving you.
chakra yoga training

Soften into flexibility

Learn how you can surrender and soften slowly into more flexibility without any effort, under professional guidance.

chakra yoga training

Individual coaching

During this training you also learn how to facilitate individual yin yoga sessions and how to identify the important areas that need extra attention.
chakra yoga training

How to teach chakra yin yoga?

By learning to embody the chakra yin yoga quality yourself together with all the techniques. Then your students can feel and understand what you are teaching them. 
chakra yoga training

The art of sequencing

You will learn how to sequence your own yin yoga classes based on a variety of themes and focuses. So after certification you can offer special classes and workshops.

Is this Chakra Yoga training for me?

Find it out in Kata van Doesselaar's short introduction video of our LIVE 50 hrs 

Chakra yoga & yin flow teacher training  ---->

YES I want to Join this LIVE 50hrs Chakra-Yin Training!


What is included in your 50hrs chakra yoga teacher training?

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Program of the 50h chakra yin yoga training

Important for your participation:
This yoga teacher training requests that participants already have a basic knowledge
of the yin poses, as we will work with them, but we won't explain them.
That is happening in our fundamental yin basics, the 50hrs Yin Yoga Essentials Teacher Training and in the 60hrs Yin Yoga trainings in person on Ibiza.

So what is Included in our 50 hrs ONLINE Chakra Yin & Yin Flow yoga teacher training?

  • All sessions of our 6 Days LIVE STREAMED training, recorded, and edited in high quality,
  • You can watch them anytime, in your own rhythm
  • 2 years access to all course materials ( high quality recordings  )
  • Teacher training manual to download
  • Closed fb group for participants to exchange, inspire and grow together, during the course and even after the course
  • Follow up sessions - interactions in our study group after the training to support you 
  • The sessions are in English
  • Extra materials and sessions to enrich your chakra knowledge, in addition to the LIVE course.

    REQUESTED READING:  - Wheels of Life - by Judith Anodea

Our teacher trainings are highly transformative. While we learn tools to empower others,
in the safe & sacred space that we create there is possibility for deep contemplation, self study and transformative healing work.


What more do I learn
in your online yoga teacher training?

In this yoga training you will get understanding of how the chakras are centers of energy and each of them have themes. Those themes in our lives will teach us how to create a solid balance in our life and we learn how to empower our weak spots on emotional, mental and physical level with corresponding yoga practices for each chakra. 
You will learn to teach 2 sequences for each of the chakras a yin flow and a yin yoga session for each chakra.
You will also learn special mantras and mudras to energise, restore the flow and balance in each chakra, and along this yoga teacher training gain deep awareness about your own dynamics. We will dive into assessments and self enquiry...partner-work to grow, to open up... and to get confident about your intuition and sensory awareness.

Usually our yoga teacher trainings and yoga immersions are highly transformative. While we learn tools to empower others,
in the safe & sacred space that we create, there is possibility for deep contemplation, self study and transformative healing work.

certified yoga teachers

Approval & Certification

This online yoga training is registered with Yoga Alliance® as YACEP training: 'Continuous education'
This means that you can add these hours to your training hours, that you are required to be adding each 3 years, if you are already a registered yoga teacher. But you can also use these 50hrs to work towards your 200hrs Yin Yoga certificate or 300hrs / 500hrs RYT certificate with Rise & Shine Yoga & School, if you are not a RYT certified yoga teacher yet. Then you can take other online (or in person) yoga teacher trainings with us, to build up your hours.

To get certified:
At the end of the course you will be asked to complete a coursework, which includes about 4 hrs of Self assessment- to work on a creative project about chakras on your own. And recording a chakra yin class you teach and to send for feedback. When you have submitted that and it is approved, you will be sent a certificate of completion approved by Yoga Alliance for 50hrs YACEP education. These 50hrs can be counted in towards 200h or 300hrs or 500hrs TT with Rise & Shine Yoga School.

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5 Extra's to 50h Chakra Yoga & Yin Flow TT

  • 1. Extra material about nutrition & diet for supporting the balance and functioning of each chakra
  • 2. A Yin and Yin flow sequence for each chakra
  • 3. Playlist for your chakra yin & yin flow yoga classes
  • 4. Extra session about mantras & seed sounds - very powerful sounds to empower the chakras
  • 5. A map for sequencing transformational classes
chakra yoga training


from Germany

Very powerful, amazing new tools to teach

"Powerful...very powerful...each sequence worked so deep on me. 

It made me realise so much about my own life and about the ways
I work and function... I cannot wait to teach these to my students!"

"Yin Flow & Chakra yoga create transformational yoga teachings"

yin flow yoga training
€ 900,-


50h Chakra Yin & Yin Flow Yoga Training 

  • Including access to all video sessions with Kata van Doesselaar
  • Including Teacher training manual to download
  • Access to our closed Online Community to get support and share experiences
  • 2 years full access to all sessions HQ recordings & course materials
  • Nutrition & diet material to support the balance and functioning of each chakra
  • Meditations for each of the 7 chakras
  • Playlist for your chakra yin & yin flow yoga classes
  • Yin & yin flow sequences for each chakra
  • Extra session: mantras & seed sounds - very powerful sounds to empower  chakras
  • A map for sequencing transformational classes


*After the first 5 discounted spots , regular fee applies: €900

* limited amount of places available *

Wonderful & authentic teacher, very inspiring

"Kata is a wonderful teacher, very inspiring , passionate, open and attentive. Brings the highest wisdoms and insights down to earth so everybody can grasp it and absorb it..she is sharing a lot of her personal experiences that makes her feel REAL and authentic. I can't wait to learn from her more."

chakra yoga training
Kelly from the United Kingdom
Great decision to book your online training

"What a beautiful introduction! I sensed your authenticity and warmth through the initial video and I am delighted that I made the decision to progress my yoga teaching skills and my personal journey with your online chakra yoga training."

chakra yoga training
Esther from Germany