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Our mission

About us

We are a beautiful couple committed to follow or Soul’s call to walk a Path of joy, awareness, fulfilment and sharing. We have been dedicated to practicing yoga for over 20 years with many teachers from around the world. We feel blessed to have experienced the healing and transformational power of yoga, meditation and conscious breathing. This fuelled our passion to share our experiences and to help others on their Journey.
We feel the happiest when we can connect with Nature, with beautiful Souls and when we can share with an open heart about inspiring teachings and truths to discover the magic of Life. We love creating a sacred loving space where everyone is welcome to grow, expand and to just BE the authentic Self that they are.
As teachers we use ancient and timeless intuitive tools together with real life experienced knowledge to awaken our full potentials for the benefit of All. 

Yoga, meditation, soulbreath® breathing, creativity, sounds and colours, smells and tastes… They all help us awaken to the fullness of Life! With our yoga teacher trainings we'd love to teach you the same!

Our mission is:

1. To offer professional, high standard education. We've put all our 20+ years expertise into our programs to ensure that our students gain profound understanding of the fundamentals of yoga, meditation and awareness work. We make sure that our students understand the anatomy, the psychology, the mind and the spirit level of a human self, and the connection between these elements. We are dedicated to provide all knowledge and techniques with the right attitude to be able to provide a safe and empowering transformational experience for all level yoga practitioners. 

2. We are dedicated to meet all of our students on their own level. We teach yoga with compassion, understanding that we all walk a path, but that path is individual to all, therefore allowing flexibility and avoiding dogmatic structures and rules. We love to encourage our students to explore their own potential in yoga and meditation and discover their own truths, instead of expecting them to blindly follow teachings.

3. We believe that every person is born with unique qualities and talents and gifts to share with the world. Once people are able to unwrap these seeds in their heart, they will be awakened to share them with joy. And happiness comes from living a Life you were meant to live...from your heart. Our mission is to use our tools to empower people to start to live like this, from their heart. We encourage all our yoga trainees to live with happiness and share their talents with passion. As we believe when everyone does this, the world will be blossoming in harmony, love and joy. 

"Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth."  - Rumi

Our path to becoming yoga teachers

Like most of the people we also had our challenges in our childhood and teenage times, trying to find out who we were truly, beyond what the society, our education system, our families wanted to see or offered to us. 

We both felt rather different then our class mates at school, we were more sensitive and not really interested in ego and power games. At an early age we were drawn to dive into deeper matters, and felt attracted to the company of older generations, to absorb more depth and in hope for more answers and wisdom from them. Through our sensitivities we had to deal with some currently-unfortunately-typical-issues such as anxiety, eating disorder, burnout, allergies, emotional struggles and traumas. Since this was more then 20 years ago, our way to find solutions and healing to our struggles was a full discovery journey, as there were not so many who truly understood that our root problem was that we were completely disconnected from our spirit. All our problems were related to the fact that we were not aligned to our own center, our truth, but tried to fit into boxes that were created by others. Slowly but surely we started to learn about ourselves more, we started to discover what truly feels good for us and where to draw a boundary and say no.

Along the years we also learned what it means to say YES to our Self...to the Soul’s Call. How to step into our creative power and transform all our limiting patterns and beliefs to set ourselves free to live a soulful life without the human effort. Our daily practice of yoga and meditation...the Soulbreath is what guides us to stay on our path, and dive deeper into the integration of our fullness into this human body everyday.

We walk our talk..we sing our talk..we dance our talk..and we love to dance with You All!

Rise & Shine Yoga School timeline

1995 - Kata van Doesselaar started her Astrology studies, was initiated into Reiki I & II and felt very drawn to discover yoga.

- Erno van Doesselaar had a near death experience and his life became a deep journey of meditation, awareness and self empowerment.

2007 - Kata and Erno individually offered their teacher trainings in conscious breathing and energy awareness in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Hungary and Israel.

2012 - Kata and Erno first met in the Netherlands and their lives became infused with more soul love, passion and empowerment. They united their individual companies into one and Kata introduced Erno to yin yoga.

2013 - Kata travelled internationally to present her yoga teacher trainings and Erno joined with his Soulbreath®  breathing meditation trainings.

2015 - Opening of our boutique yoga studio Rise & Shine Yoga Hilversum in the Netherlands.

2015 - Our international Yin Yoga teacher trainings became more popular and we decided to increase our availability and variety in yoga trainings.

2017 - Kata launched her unique yoga clothing & lifestyle brand Goddess Spirit

2020 - After  years of study and practice we launched our 30hrs Acupressure and Yin Yoga Online training. People love it and are impressed with the powerful transformation of it. 

2021 - More Online yoga trainings followed and we will keep developing our offer. Participants keep sharing how happy they are that they can now get our empowering yoga classes in online training as well.

2022 - We are very grateful  to have a full calendar of in person Yoga teacher trainings again! Kata takes our Summer Yoga Retreats to another level!

2022 - Erno focuses more on his Soulbreath® trainings and bi-weekly LIVE Soulbreath® Meditation sessions. Next to his regular presence in yoga trainings.

Our passion for yoga and...

We love to inspire you to find new, solid and creative ways to express and share your unique, authentic gift with the world and your future yoga students. Because we have experienced it ourselves and we have seen many students having their breakthroughs during our trainings, we are very passionate about our way of teaching and sharing yoga. We would love to describe our yoga courses as: safe, sacred, transformational, down to earth, bright and graceful, creative and fluid, loving and empowering.

We love to teach in a humble way, understanding that we are channels of energy, words, teachings of something bigger and higher. Our job is to be there with the purest intentions, heart and mind so we can let the magic happen. Every practitioner has their own path to walk, discover, develop and embody. We are there to support you in YOUR Process to the best of all our abilities! 

We are happy to help you get to the next level in your own pace

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