soulbreath teacher training

Soulbreath® Teacher Training Level 1

5 Days of deep immersion on Ibiza

8 - 13 November 2022

Learn to Embody - Transform into a new you - Share your passion

breath meditation

Extended Soulbreath® Meditation Sessions

Learn to integrate this sacred breath that truly loves you as you are and inspires you every day

breath meditation

Including mindful breath movement

Being present in full awareness while moving your physical body awakens your spirit
breath meditation

Start teaching and sharing with Others

Learn to facilitate 101 with Soulbreath®. Guide yourself and others with this powerful tool
erno van doesselaar

Why joining a Breath Teacher training?

If you have met Erno van Doesselaar in one of his Breathing sessions, you have felt a bit of the potential that Soulbreath® has for you. Research has pointed out how essential deep breathing for the physical body is.
How it helps the body release tension, stress, toxines etc. But there is more... Conscious breathing with your core awareness that we call the Soul, helps to rebalance and rejuvenate the body so much that it can help you to overwrite old mental programs that we have been taking on in our lives. Most of the times we are still carrying them with us, because our body is like a vessel that keeps all energies until we are letting them go.

Our body literally needs our awareness! It needs your awareness to take it to the next level where it can be living free from those old limitations. That is the moment that your body will start to reflect the unlimited joy, passion and love that your core awareness is. Usually our body is merely representing a collection of our mental belief systems and for a small part it radiates your essence.
So it is important to become aware of those limiting belief systems that have come from past experiences and/or family patterns.
The unique thing is that in this Soulbreath® teacher training we are going beyond that!

Awaken, become aware and integrate new awareness.
It is time to awaken our Soul in our body! So we can infuse our body with more of that pure awareness and awaken our mind as well.
We can rediscover ourselves as the creator of our reality in a joyful way and be inspired to move forward into our new lives. Into a life that is bubbling with your Soul passion that will keep encouraging you to live freely in passion and joy.

It starts as a big gift to you, that can encourage you to see many new possibilities. It helps you to feel trust in yourself and to feel solid and grounded in your body.
Who would not like to teach that to others? Seeing how they can get so inspired by their breath and the love of their Soul? Even if it is not your goal to be a teacher your presence will naturally attract others and inspire them.

Are you ready for this new journey?
The moment that you say Yes to you, new doors can open...

soulbreath conscious breathing training

What is included?

  • 5 Days Accommodation in a beautiful spacious villa in Ibiza
  • Daily Vegan & Gluten-free meals and snacks
  • Daily Soulbreath® Meditation sessions
  • Daily Soulbreath® Integration sessions
  • Daily inspiring lectures on how to integrate Soulbreath® in your life
  • Stepping into creating consciously with your breath
  • Questions and Answers sessions
  • Teaching techniques explained to get you started 
  • Sacred Me-Time and space, beach time, nature walks
  • Including visiting amazing nature and energy spots on the island

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I would like to join!

"Transformation happens when you dedicate exclusive time to you"

butterfly transformation
"Erno's breath work was very enjoyable, what a fantastic tool to learn and carry with you through life. His open, calm and relaxed ways make him an easy person to trust allowing for letting go on a deeper level during his sessions".
Austin from the United Kingdom

25 years of conscious breathing experience will be shared over 3 levels

Erno Van Doesselaar started practicing conscious breathing and meditation 25 years ago in 1997 when he was Reiki therapist. He then discovered the power of his breath and he decided to change his focus to conscious breath meditation and self-development trainings. Later on after meeting his Breath Master 

Norma Delaney, he started teaching Breath workshops & Breath teacher trainings internationally from 2008. Those teacher trainings are part of the foundation of what the Soulbreath® teacher trainings have become right now. 

So to be able to share his abundance of life experience with Soulbreath® and his wisdom in teaching the Soulbreath® breathing , Erno has decided to create 3 different levels of teacher trainings.
In his own words: "it is the same as car driving. Once you have your driving license, it does not mean that you are an expert driver yet. That comes with gaining lots of driving experience. And if you have a passion to drive cars, you will want to follow more in depth training to become a rally driver for example. If you then also want to teach rally driving to others, you will need to follow more specific training as well."

Luckily learning Soulbreath® does not have to take so long :-) , but it does need time and practice to integrate it into your personal life first of all. How else can you teach others something that you have not mastered yourself yet?

Level 1 helps you to get the basics of Soulbreath® and to gives you a lot of support to integrate it into your personal life.
After completing the Soulbreath® training level 1 you are able to:

  •  Connect to the Soulbreath® breathing by yourself
  •  Practice Soulbreath® meditations by yourself
  •  Understand the dynamics of the integration of aspects  
  •  Guide yourself with Soulbreath®
  •  Facilitate 101 with Soulbreath®
  •  Receive a certificate of accomplishment of Soulbreath® TT Level 1

What Do I get with Soulbreath® teacher training Level 1 ?

Soulbreath® TT Level 1 gives you a full immersion into the Soulbreath® breathing and how to integrate this unique technique into your daily life.

Certificate Soulbreath® TT Level 1 enables you to guide others in personal sessions. You get skilled into facilitating 101 and self development.

Level 1 is the solid base that you will need to start preparing for Soulbreath® TT Level 2. Here you will go deeper into the integration of Self with Soulbreath® and you will learn to anchor Soulbreath® deeper into the physical body. At the end of Level 2  you are enabled to teach groups, workshops and classes. 

Soulbreath®TT Level 3  will be accessible 1.5 years after having completed level 1 and 2 or an adequate amount of personal sessions will be required. Level 3  will take you into the mastery of the breath with Soulbreath®  It will propel you into your full soul creator ship.
butterfly transformation
"Along with the soulbreath approach to transformation that I received from Erno, I was able to experience a profound transition and freedom from some lingering grief, that had previously been stored in my body. One of the most valuable treasures I will carry in my life".
D. Silver from the United States
soulbreath teacher training
€ 1300,-

Soulbreath® Teacher Training Level 1

8 - 13 November 2022 

  • 5 Days of deep immersion into Soulbreath® Breathing - fully dedicated to you 
  • Including Accommodation in an amazing and spacious villa on Ibiza 
  • Soulbreath® Integrations sessions to ground the breath deeper into your body
  • Including breathing techniques that prepare you to start facilitating others 
  • Also perfectly suitable as a self-development retreat
  • On Ibiza in a calm time of the year to enjoy nature and all its magic
  • Vegan & gluten-free meals included (food allergies can be accommodated at request )
  • From €1000 - €1400 depending on your accommodation choice

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