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Kata van Doesselaar

Discover the power of a daily yoga practice

  • Yoga is helping you to reduce stress levels
  • Yoga helps you to work on your posture , if you sit a lot for example
  • Yoga enhances our respiratory and digestive functions
  • Yoga helps you to get out of your busy mind, and connect to your feelings
  • Yoga helps to detox your body, mind and heart
  • establish a greater focus, stability and confidence in your life
  • enhance your intuition and creativity by releasing limiting mental patterns
  • Get to know your body better
  • Discover your needs and get to know your boundaries and resources
  • Learn to adapt poses to your body
  • Deepen your meditation practice
  • Let yoga help you to create a greater balance and peace within
  • Learn ways to heal yourself gently
  • Build confidence and inner and physical strength.

Kata van Doesselaar

About your Yoga Teacher & Trainer Kata van Doesselaar

Kata van Doesselaar  EYRT500 , EYRT200 is an experienced Yoga Teacher, breath & massage therapist, healer and coach. She is practicing yoga for 18 years, and teaching yoga for 14 years.
She has been trained in various styles (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa) until she found Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Krishnamacharya lineage) that Los Angeles based Shiva Rea founded. 
The last couple of years Kata became an assistant teacher in Shiva's teacher trainings, that fills her heart with passion and joy. And she became one of the very few teachers in the world  who can offer Shiva Rea's unique full Prana Vinyasa 200hrs teacher training- being approved by Shiva. These last 4 years however she felt the call to fully follow her own inner flow and guidance. And created her own teacher trainings, and modules. Always infused with holistic, healing approach and devoted to restore the connection to the sacred Feminine energies.

Besides her dynamic practice Kata was always enjoying stillness and meditation, so she was in Heaven when she discovered Yin Yoga. Being a very energetic Soul, Kata embraced the Yin yoga with open heart, and allowed the practice of letting go, stillness and surrendering to bring balance into her busy life. Having seen the huge impact that yin yoga did on her she went to study with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley's senior teachers to learn all of it, so she can transmit the gifts of yin yoga in an authentic and pure way. Kata has been training with her Teachers more then 1000hrs. 

Kata is now based in Ibiza.She mostly offers retreats and teacher trainings internationally. Masterclasses and workshops, mostly to support other women.  As a mother of two children, and her rich experience of healing, self-healing, her biggest passion is to inspire people to grow into their full potential, and find their true Self.

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Classes with Kata

"I am so grateful that i can keep practicing with You Kata, as after our training in Ibiza a whole new world opened up to me in my practice, and I didn't find anyone in my environment who would teach these deeply touching and transformational classes. Thanks so much for all your teachings.."

A.L. from the Netherlands

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Great inspiration for my classes

"In COVID times your online classes kept me alive and sane in my head. Thank You! I am enjoying all that you share , also because many times I found inspiration there for my own classes. Your sequencing is unique and so creative and just profound." Emma L, from United Kingdom
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I love the great variety of the classes

"I find it so cool, that I can choose from more active, more slow, more yin, or yang, vinyasa, nidra, mantra, restorative...poweryoga...depending on what i need. So perfect! " Rebecca L. US

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I love the shorter sessions as well

"I love that i can choose from shorter and longer classes. As sometimes with my little baby girl the only time I can do something for myself is the half hour when she naps.Bliss! Thank YOU!!!! Monica S. USA.

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