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The magic of finding inner peace 

Once you first taste the magic of yoga and meditation yourself, you see a glimpse of the balance, selflove and authentic self it can give you. A new pathway is waiting for you to start experiencing all the gifts along its way. We are stunned to witness how our practice has transformed our lives and how we have seen so many of our participants of our yoga classes and meditation courses making the changes in their lives that they had been hoping for. That encouraged us even more to share our passion for yoga, meditation and awareness in all possible ways.

Get to know led yoga teacher Kata van Doesselaar 

"Yoga means unity of mind, body and soul in pure awareness"

yoga and meditation

Yoga teachers with a personal approach

Yoga and meditation are awareness practices that can give us very personal experiences and insights into mind, body and soul and on how we are living our daily lives. Yoga is also about connecting to ourselves and making connections with others. We believe that it is essential to meet each other in a safe, sacred space where you feel welcome and your true self.  It is important to feel safe and secure when we connect to each other. This is why our approach in our yoga teacher trainings and immersions is a personal approach. We want to welcome you as your authentic self, so we can discover together what could be the best support for you on your yoga journey and where you can potentially start with us on your path to becoming a yoga teacher.

We are happy to guide you at your own pace

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Online yoga teachter trainings and courses

Here you'll find all of our online yoga teacher trainings, immersions and courses that we offer right now. We'll also publish our new upcoming online yoga teacher trainings here for a complete overview

What people say about our trainings and immersions

Online yoga teacher training with Rise & Shine

"Because of the Coronavirus situation I was not able to attend a training in person, planned so I took the opportunity to do the 200hrs Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training online. I know it sounds weird but it was an amazing, transformative experience! Kata is able to shine her light even through the Internet by always being open to listen, never judgemental or losing patience with our thousands of questions. She was able to create a safe space and unify our group. She transmitted her valuable knowledge while, at the same time, giving each of us the space to grow and find out what works for us. For me that's what a good teacher is all about:  someone that not only has the knowledge but also embodies the qualities he/she is talking about. I am beyond grateful!"

Mareclle from Luxemburg

More than a yoga teacher training

"If you expect an "ordinary" teacher training, you won't get it here... it is more. ;)

For me it was a really transformative experience.
I finally learned, why Yoga works the way it does, and gained new tools for my own personal healing.
Kata and Erno furthermore provided personal insights
and assistance to me, for which I always will be grateful.  
I miss our whole fiery group dynamics already and will treasure this experience forever!"

Constance from Germany

"When we truly love our body it rewards us in many ways"

yin yoga teachers

'I am not sure if I am ready for this...'
Take a free yoga class with us to discover...

Follow a free class with Kata and discover more about our way of yoga and teaching. Let´s connect after the class to see where you could start your journey...

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