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acupressure yin yoga training
Acu-Yin is the abbreviation for a new powerful yoga method that combines acupressure and yin yoga. It is based on a combination of yoga and Chinese medicine, both originating thousands of years ago.

The healing power of 
Acupressure & Yin Yoga 

Kata van Doesselaar always had a strong interest for Chinese Medicine, for many years. Especially when she found out how efficient it worked for her and how fast her body reacted to treatments. So she studied TCM, Chinese acupressure and 5 elements, Feng Shui and gained a lot of experience from her teachers Dr Wang Lifen, Li Ping and Dr Shan Su.

Meanwhile TCM kept surprising her, when it helped her to heal from allergies, (hay fever, food allergies) and also how it helped her to let go of deeply embedded childhood stories. As a senior yoga teacher Kata trained with Sarah Powers & Ty Powers and with practicing and teaching yin yoga in the last 10 years, her passion for Chinese Medicine kept growing stronger. She realised that based on all her holistic studies since 25 years now, together with her own life experiences and 5000+ hours as a yin yoga teacher trainer, she has a huge resource to develop teaching materials from. So she started with developing a new & unique acupressure & yin yoga teacher training. Now about 3 years after the start of this project, we are so pleased that we can share this advanced yin yoga training with you. And Kata follows her studies in Barcelona to soon graduate as an Acupuncturist. Join this profound teacher training with her to learn more about health, balance and Yourself! And of course tools to help others.
Our 30hrs acupressure & yin yoga teacher training is Yoga Alliance® approved.  ADVANCE YOUR YIN YOGA SKILLS TODAY WITH ACU-YIN! 

Energy Awareness

Discover how special points on your body can become source of powerful re-balancing and even healing. Learn to understand the stream of energies within your body and how your health and wellbeing are affected by them.

Skilful Self-care

Through combination of Yin poses and the use of acupressure points understand how to support your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Healing powers activated

Add more depth and awareness to your yoga practice by using simple points that can create a huge difference and faster healing/effect when specifically used.

Online learning community

During this training you are also part of an interactive online learning community. Where you can ask your questions and share experiences and inspirations.

Learn how to teach acu-yin classes

Through our inspiring theory and practice sessions learn to think, sequence and teach beautiful acu-yin classes.

The art of sequencing

You will learn how to bring out this ancient knowledge of healing and rebalancing through skilful sequencing. So that after certification you can offer special classes and workshops tailored to individual, specific needs and focus. 

How does Kata teach acu-yin?

Do you want to know how we teach?

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What is included in your 30hrs acupressure & yin yoga training?

acupressure yin yoga training

The acupressure & yin yoga program:

* 35 recorded video sessions with 3 year long access *

  • Intro Session about CHI, 5 elements, Organs, Yin & Yang polarity and Balance
  • Elemental meditations + ACU points: 5 meditations & acupressure points for each element.
  • Elemental Yin Classes + ACU points: 5 yin yoga classes with points for each element and organs.
  • Sequencing Sessions: Nr 1 Yin Yoga and Nr 2 Acu-Yin yoga
  • Manual with all the important information
  • Bonus Session: Acupressure & Yin Yoga session to help prepare for meditation.
    Learn to get quiet, empty and still...quickly! 


from Luxemburg

Much deeper effect then regular yin yoga

"I am already amazed at the effect of your acupressure & yin yoga practice. It takes me much deeper than a usual yin yoga class and I only did the water practice session until now! Thank you so much for creating this,  I still have a lot to discover!"

What more do I get in this online yoga teacher training?

acu-yin yoga teacher Kata van Doesselaar

Special Theme Yoga Classes to practice

Empowering yoga classes with specific Yin Yoga & Acupressure points:

Rest & nourish class: to resolve exhaustion ( YIN nourish )

Get energised and active  ( YANG awakening ) class

Feminine nourish class: to support women’s health and hormones

Digestion & centring support class

Spirit Connection  class – to uplift and align to your Spirit



Quick help acupressure points :
short sessions practice

Short sessions of 20 minutes each with acupressure points for:

Grounding and weight management



Good sleep

Tension release and harmony

Self Love, Compassion and Wellbeing 

acupressure points

Build up your Self-care Routine

Daily acupressure points and meditation sessions of about 20 minutes each for:
An Energy reset







Approval & Certification

This online yoga training is registered with Yoga Alliance® as YACEP training: 'Continuous education'
This means that you can add these hours to your training hours, that you are required to be adding each 3 years, if you are already a registered yoga teacher. But you can also use these 30hrs to start to work towards your 200hrs / 300hrs / 500hrs RYT certificate with Rise & Shine Yoga School, if you are not yoga teacher yet.
So with time you can take other online (or in person) trainings with us, to build up your hours!

To get certified: You will have to complete a short written coursework and a teaching video (at least 30 min) on which you will get our feedback. You will receive your 30 hrs Acu-Yin Yoga TT certificate upon completion.

Register today to get new inspiration and

Teach more advanced Yin Yoga classes!


from Switzerland

Acu-yin teaches me how my body is working.  It really has a healing effect

"Course is really great and I tried some acupressure points on my son and brother. For myself I find the points easily. I also helped someone who was cv positive and she had lung issues . So I recorded the acupressure points that she could try and it helped this is really great.
I have a lot of videos to watch but so far, I' m really enjoying learning about how my body is working, when I'm working on certain points. Really happy and grateful for being part of this yoga teacher training!"

"Acupressure & yin yoga enhance each other incredibly"

acu yin yoga



30h Acu-Yin Yoga Teacher Training

  • Including Live Online Masterclasses with Kata van Doesselaar
  • Online Community to share experiences and get support
  • 3 years access to all video sessions
  • Including extensive detailed course manual
  • Deeply transformative yoga practices
  • Great self help tools that include quick rebalancing 20 min sessions for daily use
  • Yoga Alliance approved 


  GET THIS ACU-YIN YOGA TEACHER TRAINING NOW FOR €500! Discount valid till 30 May.    

Personal reviews of students

Deep self care & great help for yoga teachers
"It was a deep self care experience for me. I was always passionate about the meridians and the healing effects of acupressure points. I am very thankful for the 30 hours acuyin of Kata and I feel blessed for this opportunity. Acuyin really deepens more my yin practice. But also helps me every day, it has a healing effect. I use my acupressure points whenever I need it during the day. It's my self care and I really feel the energy of those points. I am sooo thankful @Kata van Doesselaar's teachings, for helping me through my journey as a yogini and a yoga teacher. Hoping to spread the message to as much people as we can to find a way for more self care and wellbeing." 🙏
Laure from Belgium
I love to go through the training, it is very well structured, I use acu-yin a lot

"Thank you very much for your videos and your written materials and explanations. I love to go through them again and repeat the Elements and some of the special topics sessions. The training is very well structured.
I really feel I can use nearly all the points most of the time. Much love to all of you"

Constance from Germany