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Join our 200hrs Yin Yang Yoga Training in Ibiza!

Yoga Alliance approved 200hrs yoga teacher training in a beautiful villa 

in the heart of magical Ibiza taught by expert teacher trainer Kata van Doesselaar 


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Yin Yang Yoga Training - Our approach

Our Approach
This teacher training course approaches yoga from an energetic perspective, yet you will learn a lot about the physical part as well in a grounded, down to earth way. Yin& Yang is the symbol of polarities, that we encounter every where in our dualistic world. In our context yin is the principle of the feminine, receptive, still, intuitive, meditative quality, while yang is the principle of the masculine, active, expressing quality. In the cosmic order these two qualities have their eternal flow, dance where they always balance each other out and come back to balance. In our lives we have these qualities as well , but sometime we get out of balance.. Especially as most of us live in a western society, where usually the “doing” part is exaggerated and there is little time space for nurturing the quietude, the receptivity, and the connection to our own Source.

About Yin Yoga
It is a deeply meditative style, rooted in Daoism and traditional Hatha Yoga. We work mainly with floor poses, that we hold for longer time, creating deep stretching effect on muscles, ligaments, tendons, and the fascia, at the same time compressing the joints and bones.
Through yin yoga we activate the energy flow in the energy channels (meridians- Traditional Chinese Medicine), clearing blockages and creating a better flow of chi, life force energy, nurturing our organs and our whole system in general.
This is beautiful practice to deepen mindful and soulful awareness and it also works on our deeper layers of the physical bodies (versus yang practice mainly working with the superficial muscles). In yin yoga we have access to the connective tissues, like joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons and of course the fascia that connects all the parts of our body as a net. 

With our popular Yin teacher training module you will be able to create a Yin class or session, long or short for a group, for an individual session, or for yourself.
You will learn transition poses and intelligent ways of sequencing - taking in consideration pose families, anatomical guidelines, and meridian therapy. You will be enabled to work on a one-on-one with clients with specific needs, complaints, and anatomical constitution. 

About Yang Yoga

With our Yang teacher training module you will be able to create a soulful, energising, uplifting flow class based on energetically sequencing, connected to the meridians, and the five elements, and according to an anatomical approach (sequence for hips, shoulders, etc). Learn the latest anatomy knowledge, functional approach, and how to make a yoga practice safe and sustainable for all.

You will learn the basic poses both for the yin and the yang practices and you will be able to blend them together in a beautiful harmonious way. To promote balance, healing, growth on the soulful journey. We will study mantras, mudras and breathing techniques, as well as specific meditations.

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Open to the flow

Besides the yin and yang, Kata will also take you into unique vinyasa flow practices for all levels.

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Top notch anatomy

Learning top notch anatomy to take your practice and teaching to the next level

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Balancing the Yang

Balancing the Yang quality in your life, acting and moving in a soulful way, from your core.

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Embody the yin 

Learning to embody the Yin quality in your life, opening up to surrendering, receptivity, compassion, stillness, self-love, and acceptance

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When Yin, when Yang?

Learning when you need a yin practice or a rather a yang, or yin-yang. Connecting your practice to the season, to your own qualities, strengths and weak points...

The art of sequencing

Learning how to create sequences for a Yin, Yin-yang or yang practice, according to one's intention, for individual use or group classes

Kata Van Doesselaar
Kata Van Doesselaar - expert teacher trainer

About your yoga teacher trainer

Kata Van Doesselaar is practicing meditation and yoga for 27 years. She started her teacher trainer journey in 2010. After having studied more then 2000hrs with wonderful international Yoga teachers, she connected to the ancient roots of yoga and sacred teachings that transcend time and space. Her enthusiastic and compassionate way of teaching touches the Soul and empowers the human Self to be able to go beyond its limitations. She will teach you how to love yourself more and how to open your wings to fly with wisdom, grace and inspiration through the human journey and also as yoga teachers that inspire others.
Kata's message is that we all carry the divine sparkle within, and we should learn the right tools to awaken it and to keep it alive for a fulfilled life. That not only means happiness to us, but inspiration for others.

Her main teachers have been Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers, Rod Stryker, Lama Surya Das, Norma Delaney and Tom Myers. 
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What can you expect from our 
200hrs Yin Yang TT?

  • 16 Nights Accommodation in a beautiful yoga villa in the heart of Ibiza
  • Daily healthy & delicious vegan & gluten free meals
  • All level yoga practices
  • 200hrs Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Certificate approved by Yoga Alliance
  • Daily twice Yin & Yang yoga practices
  • Daily twice theory, talks and exercises 
  • Beach time, reading and contemplation time
  • Sunrise and sunset rituals on amazing locations
  • Detailed Yoga Teacher Manual
  • 30h online preparation module for fundamentals of Yoga
  • Creative & transformational sequencing
  • Including Breath work, Meditation and Chanting 
  • Mindfulness
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What is included in your 200hrs yoga course program?

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Program & daily schedule
200hrs Yin Yang TT

  • Yin & Yang poses (basic poses and variations)

  • Understanding the effects of the poses from physiologic, anatomic, energetic, emotional, mental, and therapeutic perspectives

  • Basics of traditional Chinese medicine (meridians and elements)

  • Understanding the holistic principles and how they apply to your health, body and your life

  • Learning how to balance the energy flow in specific meridians to shift the health of specific organs, and transform areas in your emotional, mental, or practical-physical life

  • Learning to embody the Yin quality in your life, opening up to surrendering, receptivity, compassion, stillness, self-love and acceptance

  • Balancing the Yang quality in your life, acting and moving in a soulful way, from your core, allowing your yoga to connect you to your essence.

  • Learning one's own unique anatomical structure and principles for approaching each and every skeletal constitution in a unique way (learning adjustments, variations for each body type, and each pose)

  • Modifications that can help with a therapeutic approach for problems such as back, spine problems, hip, pelvic, shoulder sensitivities, all kinds of joint, muscle, and connective tissue complaints

  • The Use props for each pose and each problem

  • Philosophy of Yin-yang yoga such as mindfulness, breath awareness and loving kindness

  • Learning to listen inwards, getting to know one's patterns, belief systems, what creates your perspective of your life, and how can one shift them in a soulful way

  • Meditation techniques, mantras, breathing practices to calm the mind to reveal one's deeper truths and rebalance yourself

  • Learning how to create sequences for a Yin, Yin-yang or yang practice, according to one's intention, for individual use or group classes

  • Learning when you need a yin practice or a rather a yang, or yin-yang practice. Connecting your practice to the season, to your own qualities, strengths, weak points...

  • Learning top notch anatomy to take your practice and teaching to the next level!

    Daily Schedule Plan (can change according to the groups needs):
    08.00 - 08.45  Morning Meditation
    8.45-9.15 Morning snack, simple breakfast
    9.15 - 11.30 Theory and Morning practice
    11-30-12.30 Brunch
    12.30 - 14.30  Theory, Exercises, Lectures.
    14.30 - 16.30  Break for nature time, reading, contemplation time.
    15.30 - 16.30  Snack
    16.30 - 19.00  Afternoon Session: Practice, Theory, Lecture.
    19.00 - 20.00  Dinner
    20.00- 21.00  Meditation, wisdom talks, chanting (every second evening)
  •  Skill Level: All Levels
  •  Teaching Language: English (we do talk Dutch, Spanish, French and German & Hungarian as well)
200h yin yang yoga teacher training

200hrs yoga teacher training

This Yin-Yang yoga teacher training will enable you to learn the basics of Hatha Yoga, philosophy, anatomy, asanas, meditation fundamentals and teaching all these. However this will not be the only content as we will study the chinese 5 elements theory and learn about the concept of Yin&Yang and about how to create a balanced life that is connected to all elements in balance within ourselves. We will learn to balance the elements through Yin & yang practices, 5 elements gentle vinyasa flow, and also deeply healing soulful 5 elements yin yoga practices.You will learn to sequence and teach Yang , Yin and Yin-Yang practices, all in one training.
Understanding that yoga is for everyone and a good, skilful yoga teacher should be able to tailor classes to each and every ones individual needs.We will learn modifications & adjustments, to support the physical body, but also tools of buddhist psychology, spiritual and holistic psychology to create an emotional balance and a spiritual growth within ourselves and facilitate this in our students.
Learn to hold space and skilfully navigate your students towards a more centered, relaxed, conscious and energised state of being.

Learn to recognise the symptoms of imbalance of each element and learn to balance them out with yin, yang and yin&yang practices, mudras, mantras and meditation.

What is the Yin energy about?

It is the nourishing, stabilising, calming, allowing, sensing and feeling quality within ourselves, the ability to drop down into the Presence that contains it all, or restores it all. Just Be.
What is the Yang energy about?

It is our ability to rise, to focus, to be strong and achieve some things in life. Engagement, action, achievements, dedication.
What are the Chinese 5 elements about?

WATER: Vitality, courage, confidence, ability to flow with life, and trust the changes, intuition.
WOOD: Creativity, balance, growth focus, manifestation, vision and holding it all together.
EARTH: Stability, ability to feel home, accepted, nourished, loved and supported. Our needs and our connection to our physical body. Topics such as eating and rest, rhythms, rituals, routines. 

FIRE: Connection to our Spirit, our light, our enthusiasm, joy of life and ability to share and connect, communicate and express.

METAL: Our ability to look at life from a higher perspective, attachments and detachment, letting go and highest purpose, ambitions, and inner leadership, learning and connection to God, a higher Spirit. Values in life. Sacredness, gratitude.

In this training we will explore all these elements and learn to work with them in our yoga practices, teachings and classes. 

Tantric and mindful Buddhist approach

This course is a deeply transformative healing journey, as only by healing and loving yourself first then you can offer these qualities to other, by going trough the experience instead of just talking about the theories of it. There will be a lot of focus on your personal experience and opening up to senses, listening, and landing in your true nature.


Yin yoga has a deeply healing effect. And even tough every person is different, every story is different, and a healing process requires not only the realizations of the patterns and underlying emotional memories and tensions behind every disease but also new conscious choices about your life, you can acknowledge that with appropriate sequences you can rebalance major imbalances in the body with regular Yin practice.

The body imbalances such as allergies, digestive, hormonal problems, back problems, mental problems, blood pressure problems, anxiety symptoms, emotional blockages, and lack of energy, and the emotional disorders such as lack of determination, trust and confidence, anger problems, depression, fears can all be nurtured by appropriate Yin practice with great results.

Eventually, it can transform your life into a more loving, more still, more attentive and caring, enjoyable journey, than the fast-paced western pattern.

Adding the yang to the yin, you will be able to get into a soulful flow which moves so much fresh and balanced energy in your body that it can release much easier tensions, and you can step onto a higher, brighter state of awareness yourself.


This Yoga Alliance approved yoga teacher training will be offered in a beautiful villa on our magical Ibiza. . In the heart of the island, in a beautiful nature area, close to San Miguel.

1-2 pers room. Single rooms available for extra fee on request, in limited numbers. We will be also having soulful excursions, and sunrise and sunset rituals etc..included in our program. The Yang module in person will also offer you a 30h preparation work, video sessions about the fundamentals of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, and Yoga philosophy and anatomy, to watch and practice before you arrive.

vinyasa flow sequence

Requested readings

For the Yang module:
Desikachar: The Heart of Yoga 

The Yoga sutras of Patanjali
Ray Long: The Key Muscles of Yoga

For the Yin module:

Sarah Powers: Insight Yoga
Mark Williams: Mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

certified yoga teachers

Approval & Certification

This 200hrs yoga teacher training is registered with Yoga Alliance® 

To get certified: You need to participate in all sessions in the training and complete a written coursework and a teaching video after the course to be sent in. After approval you will be sent your certificate of Rise & Shine Yoga School 200hrs Yoga Teacher and with that you can register with Yoga Alliance!You can also continue to build up your teacher training hours with us towards becoming a 500 hrs certified Yoga Teacher (500RYT)

yin yang

"I miss you and all your wonderful goddess flow yoga teachings! I want to thank you so much for such a special experience, it has really been life changing for me and given me the self belief to go forward."  

Sacred Vinyasa Flow TT June, 2019.

"Discover the power of Yin and Yang in balance"

yin yoga training ibiza

€ 3300,-

Get your spot now with €200 discount! 

200hrs Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training
on IBIZA.  
Only dates for 2024:
16.Sept - Oct 2. (few spots open)

This Life changing yoga teacher training also includes:

  • Yummy vegan brunch and dinner
  • Accommodation in an amazing nature setting, in a beautiful Ibizan style villa
  • Certificate approved by Yoga Alliance
  • After training student support
  • With Covid Flexibility Policy
    In case that you couldn't join us due to covid travel restriction regulations as lockdowns, border closure, or strict municipality travel limitation, we can rebook you to another date in the future at no extra cost. *This does not include having tested positive for CV19.
    Just like any other unexpected illnesses or injuries this is for your own responsibility.
    There for we strongly recommend you to be well insured with your travel insurance, including covid insurance.

Participation fee, that includes 30H online preparation module as well:
Price: full training, daily yummy vegan meals and accommodation in shared room €3300
(excluding the 200€ Early bird discount)
Price: full training, daily yummy vegan meals and accommodation in single room €3850
(excluding the 200€ Early bird discount)

Goddess Vinyasa is all about flow

"Kata is a great teachers' teacher. Her goddess vinyasa TT is all about flow: the way it's structured, the way it adapts to the participants' expectations and needs on a daily basis (and to the weather conditions if necessary), and the way progress unfolds. I left with a sense of having made progress, on so many levels. I noticed a big difference in my energy level, my body, my understanding of yoga, and of teaching yoga. 

On the location: that was wow. I'm referring to the villa, the beautiful view on the ocean, the nature around it."

yin yang

Francesca from Spain

Hard to put into words

"It's very hard to put into words how amazing this yoga training was in every aspect. From the teachings, people, food (food aka work of art), location, villa, trips, Ibiza in all its beauty!! It was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I felt completely welcome and safe at all times which i think is a huge thing when you're taking the plunge and booking something, especially online. Kata & Erno are incredible teachers and I feel so grateful and full for the whole experience".

yin yang

Paige from the United Kingdom