High vibrational Priestess Retreat in Bali!

*** Your chance to give yourself a space, time and nourishment to dive deeper into the CONNECTION to Self and the deepening of awareness and love within yourself...embrace your spiritual Self, your inner wisdom & learn to listen to your inner voice, awaken your own gifts ***

Only 2 spots left - book now with EARLY BIRD Discount!  

Imagine a beautiful, balinese style resort, in Ubud, nestled in the rice plantations, with lush nature around, a big swimming pool, natural yoga shala, sweet balinese people to share our days with, everything supporting us in the discovering of the sacred space within ..Bali invites you to open a new peace, a new connectedness, a new love within yourself.

Daily yoga & meditation, mantra practices and awareness teachings will help you to build confidence in yourself and connecting in a new way to the radiant spirit within. You will learn how to sustain your high vibration in any situation, and in your "regular life".

Daily sweet and nourishing Yoga sessions suitable for all levels .
Vegan & vegetarian delicious meals made with love, fresh juices and the famous delicious Bali coffee...

We only work with small group sizes of maximum 10 participants to maintain a sweet personal experience together, so you can really rejuvenate, and feel supported in our sacred retreat. This program is open to all, no prerequisite, the only thing that is important is that you wish to connect deeper within. And you are dedicated to that.

Special temple visits, water purification ceremonies, sound healing session, rituals , awareness circles, and excursions will enhance the inner journey and the practice.

Each day a different energy we will work with, to help you to release what no longer serves, and make space for who you truly are. Opening the heart, the mind to learn more about the nature of Love, Spirit and Consciousness. Small group - big shift!

Nov 5-11, 2024, UBUD, BALI, INDONESIA
Join this unique High vibration & Priestess activation retreat in the delicious month of November, just before the rain season quicks in, on magical Bali.

Soulful yoga and movement meditation, & mantras..life changing tools to master and enjoy!

Join Kata van Doesselaar and a beautiful group of Yoginis, to discover how to live a Life lead by your inner wisdom, intuition, and authentic Creatorship.
Each day will support you in the embodiment process of your essence, getting in touch with your inner Calls, and heartfelt desires to manifest from your core..from who you truly are. Learn to connect t your Spirit, and learn to sustain this connection every day .

In a world where we are always conditioned to work harder and harder, and look with our gaze outwards, it is quite essential we learn to go within and explore our magical inner world, also by learning to navigate  through inner turbulences, and finding the steady, the unchanging. Learning to hear the voice of the Soul, as it tells us its own truth. So that we can live a life in alignment to this inner voice. Authentic life, that shares light and wisdom in a harmonious way. 

We will support all this in this 7 days retreat, held in a beautiful Balinese style Resort, with pool, peaceful nature around, yet close to Ubud center, to reach some buzz, and exciting vibes, if that is what you wish for (in the breaks)

Wow does it sound like your dream journey?

We hope so! If this wouldn't be enough, we offer you the chance to sign upToday with €150 SPECIAL EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

Yes, what more is included?

Kata Van Doesselaar - expert teacher trainer

About your yoga teacher

Kata Van Doesselaar is practicing meditation and yoga for 25 years. She started her teacher trainer journey in 2010. After having studied more than 2000hrs with wonderful international Yoga teachers, she connected to the ancient roots of yoga and sacred teachings that transcend time and space. Her enthusiastic and compassionate way of teaching touches the Soul and empowers the human Self to be able to go beyond its limitations. She will teach you how to love yourself more and how to open your wings to fly with wisdom, grace and inspiration through the human journey.
Kata's message is that we all carry beauty and divine gifts and talents within, and we should learn the right tools to awaken them , nourish them, and to keep them alive for a fulfilled life. That not only means happiness to us, but inspiration and joy for others.

Her main teachers have been Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers, Rod Stryker, Lama Surya Das, Norma Delaney and Tom Myers. 

6 great reasons to join us!

Our high vibrational Priestess retreat is especially tailored to help you to reconnect, & release what is not You, to help you embrace what is the real You, and rebirth Yourself into the Authentic You

Added to our daily empowering yoga, mediation and awareness sessions we will have a few extras we have included:

- Special Soundhealing session in the Pyramids of chi, a very magical location that transports us into ancient wisdom dimensions
- Special temple visits and water ceremonies with Holy Source water and waterfall with local priest - to rebirth yourself into who you truly are

-Sacred Cacao ceremony
-Sacred Ancestral Karma healing in the Lemurian Stone chamber

Your yoga teacher is very experienced & internationally known

Kata van Doesselaar has been presenting 130+ international yoga trainings and retreats.
She is especially known for her amazing & transformational yoga classes, her extensive wisdom,
her personal touching stories and nourishing approach. Besides that she speaks 6 languages!
( English, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish & German )

Vegan & (optional) gluten-free & yummy meals every day

Our meals will be prepared in our Hotel, we will be served the most yummy and healthy breakfast, lunches and dinners.   In case of food allergies please let us know at least 1 week ahead of the retreat, so we can accommodate your request.

Visit truly magical places in Bali with our local guide

We are very lucky to have amazing local guides that will take us to sacred and beautiful places - such as waterfalls, temples.

goddess vinyasa flow

Rise & Shine Yoga is known for its deeply transformational events

Many of our participants have been experiencing deep transformation and really recharged their energies in our retreats and teacher trainings. They often write to us about their life changing experiences in their reviews. 
Be aware that our retreats , trainings are about going within, deep rest, recharge and transformation.
We require that you are interested in going within yourself and your aim is to awaken a greater, clearer connection and balance with your Self.

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BOOK NOW  TO BENEFIT FROM  €150 discount with a deposit payment of €600!

We will be staying at the beautiful resort in Ubud: Arya Arkananta Resort

You can choose between single occupancy rooms, possibility in wooden jungle bungalows, with outdoor shower.

And deluxe rooms with 1 double OR 2 twin beds.

All rooms have air-conditioning and bathrooms.

The resort has pools, massage and spa facilities.
You can enjoy some me-time on sun beds, and big garden.

The resort is situated in a very quiet area, the north west of Ubud,  where it is not crowded.

Our immersion will host maximum 10 persons.

Please book your spot on time. Half of the spots are already booked. Our last retreat sold out in 5 days.

Participation fee for the Bali retreat:

Please book your spot on time, and enjoy an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 150€ till May 5- on the prices below:

Single Occupancy luxury Bungalow- to ground in nature, outdoor shower and bath : 2250€ /pers

Single occupancy luxury premium suite with sunrise view terrace: 2450€

Shared room spot in ensuite beautiful rooms:  2000€

The price includes airport transfer at a shuttle time. Doesn't include your flight to Bali Denpasar airport. Also doesn't include your tourist visa, that you can arrange at the airport or Online.

To make use of our early bird discount, you can book your spot today with 500€ deposit and pay the rest 2 months before the  trip.

"Enjoy the magic of Bali in a unique high vibrational retreat

Nov 5-11, 2024

Priestess Retreat in Ubud
what more is included?

  • 6 nights Accommodation in a beautiful Resort in Ubud, nestled in the middle of rice fields, a luxurious balinese Style Hotel with pool and spa
  • Transfers from airport to Ubud are included in group shuttle hours
  • We start the retreat at 5pm in the Resort, in Ubud the 5th Nov,
  • Magical Soundhealing session in the Pyramids of Chi.
  • Daily healthy & delicious vegan, healthy vibrant  & (optional) gluten free meals
  • Daily meditation, mantra and soulful Yoga sessions 
  • Special daily workshops on how to develop more awareness and also deepen practice and embodiment
  • Sacred cacao ceremony
  • Special excursions - to temple, holy springs for water purification ceremony, beautiful nature, waterfall, rituals.
  • 1 ancestral karma healing in Lemurian stone chamber
  • Time for you to just be by the pool with a book, or enjoy some extra therapies and massages
    you can request sessions of body massages, and extra treatment, or energy reading, or channeled message by Kata, 
    (extra payment required).
    Do you have any questions left? ---> Contact us here

yoga retreats

We live yoga every day

For some yoga is a lifestyle, for others it can be a temporary refuge, for us it is our way of living. 
Yoga comes back in our daily life as a way of being consciously present in everything that we do,
and of course in the yoga practice that we do.
We love practicing yoga and we love what yoga can bring us...
An experience of unity and of who we truly are. 

yin yang


from the Netherlands

Thank you Kata for your inspirational teachings. I had an amazing transformational week at Bali. Your guidance is true and spiritual.

An amazing , transformation soul awakening , enriching experience. Under your grace and flow Kata van Doesselaar thank you from the bottom of my heart  until we flow again! Eileen- Scotland
€ 2000,-
€ 1850,-

High vibrational Priestess Retreat

Nov. 5-11 2024 on Bali

Are you joining us?
Be fast and book with our EARLY BIRD €150 discount - till 5th May- for the last 2 Spots on the prices below!

Single Occupancy luxury Bungalow- to ground in nature, outdoor shower and bath : 2250€ 

Single occupancy luxury premium suite with sunrise view terrace: 2450€

Shared room spot in ensuite beautiful rooms:  2000€
The above prices don't include the 150€ discount, deduct the amount to get your fee.

You can already register with €600 deposit only!
* Valid until 5th May 2024 *
Lovely restful and inspiring retreat
"Kata was a very inspiring teacher and the amount and variety of yoga classes that she taught was really great! Clearly well thought out. I felt really rested, well nourished and detoxed and met some thoroughly lovely souls!"
yin yang
Anna from United Kingdom
fantastic teacher - beautiful location amazing experience
"This experience brought new energy and empowerment into my life. I had some of the very best practices that I have experienced until now. Paddle boarding into the sunset is the experience I hope never to forget. It was simply magical"
yin yang
Edina from Luxemburg