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Restorative Yoga & yoga nidra - the art of rest and nourishment

Do you often feel that you do not have enough energy?
And that your body and mind badly need to rest, relax and rejuvenate? 
 Then it is time for you to join our unique  Restorative Yoga & Yoga nidra - nervous system reset Teacher Training JULY 27- 31
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What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga can be extremely beneficial to your wellbeing.
It is a form of yoga that focuses on relaxation, healing and restoring the body. Through restorative poses, you can develop better flexibility, calmness and mindfulness. It also helps reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep by promoting deep relaxation in the body. Additionally, it can relieve tension in sore muscles and joints allowing you to feel rejuvenated.
Restorative yoga is a very healing, nourishing type of yoga, where we dissolve in beautifully supported gentle poses with a lot of props.
We experience the long-held simple and gentle poses without any effort...
only with nourishment and enjoyment. The poses, the breath and stillness allow us to rest deeply and rejuvenate. This yoga practice helps to rest, release, relax, feel supported and listen to our needs. It also heals and helps emotional wounds to be embraced and eventually to be released. It is great for people who are living a very intensive, challenging period, or under mental stress or maybe with physical injuries or emotional struggles.

Experience how Goddess Restorative Yoga takes restorative a step further...

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Restorative Yoga with a feminine approach?

A Restorative yoga session with the Goddess energies means that we invite a beautiful feminine energy to nourish us.  We work with the aim to reset the nervous system, and nourish all that we are. Because when we are completely relaxed, it is easier to connect to our true self. So we can awaken to our own wisdom and the goddess within, which is the ultimate mothering energy. In this way with Goddess restorative yoga we consciously work with awakening the divine feminine energy and therefor this practice becomes a journey towards fulfilment, health, wellbeing, happiness and abundance. In the goddess restorative training we use the restorative poses and sequences, fascia release techniques and sequences and a goddess yoga Nidra. All these tools help us to let go on a deep level and to open up for our highest potentials. And the beauty of this journey is that instead of working hard towards these potentials, we learn to simply allow them to blossom...

We believe that right now, we are living in a the time where it is essential that we learn to rest, recharge and reconnect to the sacred within.
Since the pandemic most of the people suffer from chronic stress in some ways and Restorative Yoga is a wonderful remedy for this. Especially if we add the nervous system reset with breathing and yoga nidra- with the feminine energies. That is why we are so passionate to share this in form of a teacher training, so that new teachers can share the gift of this wherever it is needed... 


Deep relaxation 

Learn to truly surrender and relax 

Support your body

Get optimal support for your body 

Invest in wellbeing

Get more energy & joy in your life

Self love gives balance

Be naturally receptive & grounded

Teach from experience

Become a skilful restorative teacher


How to support others

Understand your students' needs

Restorative Yoga 
can bhighly beneficial for:

  • strong mental / emotional / physical stress
  • chronic stress 
  • exhaustion signals as burnout, chronic fatigue, depression
  • sleep problems, digestive disorders
  • physical injuries
  • an overwhelmed nervous system
  • women in pre menopause and menopause / hormonal change 
  • anyone in big changes, transitions and intense times
  • people with self love and self acceptance challenges
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Stevie F. 

 from the United Kingdom

"Very well structured online training, I feel well prepared with these practices"

" Thank you Kata for a beautifully nourishing and informative course.  I really appreciate your depth of knowledge and the care you have taken in structuring this online training. I feel well prepared to nourish myself with these practices and to offer them to my students."  Stevie, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

What is included in your 40H Online Restorative yoga teacher training with the feminine energies?

goddess restorative yoga

Practices of restorative yoga and yoga Nidra

Discover how to open up to the Great River of Nourishment within...
This course includes ancient techniques & daily practices on how to drop down into stillness and replenish
your energy on the cellular level... So you can get access to your own healing space within and increase your awareness. Then you will learn how to facilitate this sacred journey to others with a wonderful tool kit for ultimate reconnection, recalibration, rejuvenation & relaxation. Learn to teach a Goddess Yoga nidra session, and hold a safe ,sacred space for deep rest, and reset for all.

goddess restorative yoga

Learn the basic restorative poses, adaptations and the use of props

This 5 days Live yoga teacher training will include daily lab poses and sequencing sessions.
In the lab poses you will learn all the basic Restorative poses and their effects, the adaptations
and the use of props and all their modifications.

goddess restorative yoga

Learn to offer sessions one-on-one and for groups

Learn to create a safe space for healing, rejuvenation, deep listening and resting.
In this fast paced society we forgot how to rest and replenish our energies. It is important that we increase awareness on our energy management and understand the nature of stress, hormones and our human minds.
So we learn how to take care of ourselves and others.

goddess restorative yoga

Learn efficient techniques with fascia balls to free your body

Learn unique myofascial release techniques and a special "MELT" sequence to release negative energies, blockages and tensions from your body, in an easy way.
Get the basics of how to release deep tensions from the body, with fascia balls, to actually prepare for the most delicious restorative session afterwards! If you are an empathic person this can be life changing, because you may have the tendency to absorb energies, thoughts or emotions from others around you, that may keep you feeling down and low.

goddess restorative yoga

Learn how to rebalance your nervous  & endocrine system & eliminate stress

Empowering lectures about the relations between stress, hormones and our wellbeing. 

Learn how to recharge mentally, physically and emotionally after exhaustion, or overstimulation of the nervous system, burnout or any disease that lowered your vitality...Learn tools to help the reset of your nervous system

goddess restorative yoga

Online community to support your journey

You will get access to our inspirational online community group where you can ask questions,
where you can exchange experiences and where we will keep you updated with extra sessions after your completion of this training. 


What more do I learn 

in your online teacher training?

goddess restorative yoga

Goddess Yoga Nidra session

What is Goddess Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra is ancient technique that is also translated as yogic sleep. Through specific steps we are guided to a deeper state of relaxation where the mind is not active anymore yet the awareness is present. In this way our whole system is rejuvenating and we can access a spacious state of being where stuck energies, stored emotions and tensions can be released, as we go beyond. You will learn a powerful Goddess Yoga Nidra session where we will work with the essence of the Divine Feminine in this deep meditation state through visualisation, body awareness and breath. You will learn how to skilfully teach this powerful sequence to others, to support them to unleash their highest potential.

healing restorative yoga

Sacred Breath sessions

What is the Sacred Breath? Already in ancient times people knew that through the breath many connections can be reached and gates can be opened. Around 200 AD tantric buddhists knew the breath  
as a way of being
where we anchor ourselves into our Spirit nature, by inviting our Souls/Spirit/Divine essence to get embodied in this current life. Through the breath we ground more and more of our full presence, and awaken deep potentials for Love, Fulfilment, Growth, Empowerment...and we can invite divine guidance into our lives. This Breath has been taught to Erno and Kata through the Master of Breath Dr Norma Delaney, through many many years of trainings and practice together.

restorative yoga teacher Kata van Doesselaar

Discover the path of integration

You will also learn how emotional energies or traumas that our bodies and cells are storing can be integrated... in order to complete a true healing process.
The integration of these unresolved experiences helps us to release energy blockages, emotional stories and traumas in its essence. With that we can naturally expand into our wholeness.
This transformation brings a fundamental change in your awareness and view on Life.
You will learn how to walk the steps towards your fulfilment in a safe way, guided by your Soul.

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Requested Reading: 
Judith Lasater - Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times

This LIVE online yoga training is taking place on the 27th  - 31st July, each day between 10-18h
It is possible to access the recordings afterwards for a small extra fee, in this way you can also join if the dates are not working for you and have 3 years full access!

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance® as YACEP training: 'Continuous education' This means that you can add these hours to your training hours, that you are required to be adding each 3 years, if you are already a registered yoga teacher. But you can also use these 40hrs to start to work towards your 200hrs / 300hrs / 500hrs RYT certificate with Rise & Shine Yoga & Awareness, if you are not yoga teacher yet. So with time you can take other online (or in person) trainings with us, to build up your hours.

To get certified:
You will have to complete a short written coursework and a teaching video (at least 30 min)
on which you will our get feedback, and you will receive your 40hrs Restorative Yoga TT certificate upon completion.

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from Luxemburg

"transformative experience, lots of valuable information - exceeded my expectations"

"The Goddess Restorative Yoga TT was a transformative experience.  As I participated in a previous TT with amazing teacher Kata, I knew that the course will provide lots of valuable information.  But this was my first Online yoga teacher training and it really exceeded my expectations. 

I highly recommend it!"

"A beautiful yoga practice for restoring , self love, nourishment
and to connect deeper to the Self. "

€ 650,-


40H Goddess Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

  • 40H hrs Online LIVE yoga teacher training via zoom
  • Including detailed course manual
  • Online Community platform to share experiences and get support
  • Including 3 years access to all recorded video sessions (on vimeo on demand)
  • Including individual feedback with from Kata on your coursework

  GET THIS SPECIAL RESTORATIVE YOGA & NIDRA TEACHER TRAINING NOW FOR €350 !!        OFFER VALID UNTIL 10 JUNE 2024 and only for the 5 first participants -
  after that €500 early bird  fee!

"professional teacher with tremendous knowledge and good online course set up"

"I have taken part in Kata's first Goddess Restorative TT.
It was a great pleasure being part of the training. I like the fact that Kata has extended the training material with the fascia work and Yoga Nidra teachings. I also like the fact that we had to keep practising Restorative Yoga poses, the melt sequence and Yoga Nidra. She is right, this helps in anchoring the material and making it your part of us.
I have done Restorative Yoga Workshops before, but only this time I really understood the benefits and the need for this type of yoga.

As for Kata, I like her dedication, professionally, softness, voice, big heart, patience/flexibility and at the same time the skill to be a respectful leader. And of course her tremendous knowledge of the body and all the types of yoga. Also the set up of the Online course is good and I liked the one on one sessions, which I think is important.

I would certainly recommend this inspiring training.

Thank you for your unlimited effort & love"

yin yang
Laure from Belgium
"what a beautiful teachings, I love how you transmit the energy so beautifully"

"I wanted to share with you that I have had the most wonderful time working with Lakshmi. I feel she works with me and my energy resonates so well with hers, in fact I feel into only wanting to teach Restorative Yoga since the Trainings! I love facilitating this!

During my Sadhana I have loved how she has shown up the areas in my life where I want to create more time and space to rest and restore and is also highlighting where I must have stronger boundaries around my space and personal time. I also have more clarity in where I want my life to go, and how I want to open to receive even more.
I will continue with a daily Sadhana with her. I have just purchased a beautiful Lakshmi statue for my Altar too.
I can't wait for it to arrive!

Thank you so so much for the beautiful teachings, I love how you transmit the energy so beautifully, even online it is truly wonderful! Thank you again so much. "
yin yang
Anna from United Kingdom