50 hrs Yin Yoga Essentials - Online Teacher Training

Become part of the global Yin Yoga movement as this nourishing feminine energy is so needed right now
Enjoy transformational yoga practices and share these life changing yin yoga teachings to others
~ A Fundamental yoga teacher training towards becoming a Yoga Alliance approved International Yin Yoga Teacher ~


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Kata van Doesselaar Senior Yin Yoga Teacher

Discover the power
of Yin Yoga

Join our very popular Yin Yoga teacher training that we have been offering for 7 years worldwide, now online! Complete our 50hrs Yin Yoga teacher Training online from the comfort of your Home in your own pace. Learn from expert teacher Kata van Doesselaar, who has been teaching over 75+ yin yoga teacher trainings in person & online over the last 9 years. She took her rich international knowledge & life changing teachings to a new level, when we created the 50 hrs Online Yin Yoga Essentials Teacher training. An incredibly rich training to help you to understand, embody and teach the Essentials of yin yoga. Including a basic understanding of the Chinese 5 elements, meridians and organ health and the latest fascia theory. This includes a lot of content and practices that help you unlock the transformational power and unique qualities of yin yoga. For example, did you know that yin yoga can be a great way to increase your range of flexibility in a very smooth way? 

Into deep relaxation

Discover how yin yoga can help you to let go of physical, emotional and mental tensions. A great way to calm your mind and connect deeper to yourself.

Get to know your body

Our yoga practices and lectures will give a deeper understanding of our bodies and how to listen to the signals that your body is giving you.

Soften into flexibility

Learn how you can surrender and soften slowly into more flexibility without any effort, under professional guidance.

Individual coaching

During this training you also learn how to facilitate individual yin yoga sessions and how to identify the important areas that need extra attention. Furthermore you will receive individual feedback and coaching on your teaching from Kata van Doesselaar.

How to teach yin yoga?

You will learn to embody the yin  quality yourself through all our teachings. This quiet, nourishing quality will infuse your life and teachings with new energies. And through our precise instructions you will receive full guidance on how to teach yin yoga classes in a skilful, inspired and of course safe way. 

The art of sequencing

You will learn how to sequence your own yin yoga classes based on a variety of themes and focuses. So after certification you will be able to offer group and individual classes and workshops.

What can you expect from our Yin yoga Teacher Training?

In the next short video you can watch Kata van Doesselaar introducing her approach to Yin yoga and some of our students' testimonials

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What is included in your 

50hrs online yin yoga course?

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Contents of the 50h online yin yoga training

* 44 recorded video sessions with 2 year long access

* including in these videos are:
   9 yin yoga sessions
   2 yin-yang sessions
   3 meditations
   1 yoga Nidra session and a special breathing session.

* Extensive manual including all yin yoga poses and a workbook
* Journaling of your experiences, and sharing experiences with a wonderful online community
* You can ask for support at any time you need it
* Inspiring assessments to integrate the information and experiences
* Live session with Kata to share your journey and get feedback on your teachings & sequencing

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 A variety of inspiring Lectures

This yoga teacher training includes lectures about: Yin & Yang philosophy, the Anatomy of yin yoga, posture analysis with physical and energy functions explained, modifications for 36 yin poses, Fascia theory, 

Chinese 5 elements and meridian theory and their applications. We also get into topics as emotional balance, mindfulness,  tantric buddhism, and the awareness of the yin & yang balance in life. and recognising the signs of being out of balance and understanding the potentially therapeutic use of Yin Yoga.

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Teaching Skills

Our online yin yoga training features the following yoga teacher modules: 

The art of teaching yin yoga, the art of sequencing yin yoga classes, the role of a teacher, the art of holding space for yourself and your students. Teaching skills enhancements, the contraindications, alternatives for yin yoga practice, the difference between restorative & yin yoga, important recommendations for
yin yoga & pregnancy and the postnatal period.

certified yoga teachers

Approval & Certification

This online yoga training is registered with Yoga Alliance® as YACEP training: 'Continuous education'

This means that you can add these hours to your training hours, that you are required to be adding each 3 years, if you are already a registered yoga teacher. But you can also use these 50hrs to start to work towards your 200hrs / 300hrs / 500hrs RYT certificate with Rise & Shine Yoga & Awareness, if you are not yoga teacher yet. So with time you can take other online (or in person) trainings with us, to build up your hours.

To get certified: You will have to complete a short written coursework and a teaching video (at least 30 min) on which you will our get feedback, and you will receive your 50 hrs Yin Yoga TT certificate upon completion.

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The importance of yin yoga in our society

Especially in these times that we are living in right now, it is important to embrace the releasing, relaxing and healing effect of yin yoga. Many times people tend to forget how everything has an effect on our body and mind. So our body and mind really need to have a moment to unwind, let go and get back into balance. 

We need this every day. But we can also take it a step further and give a yin yoga practice as nurturing wellness to ourselves, so we can relax and connect deeper to our heart and soul.
Then we become inspired to live a life with love, compassion and joy and we just empowered ourselves...  To enjoy and share! Sharing your authentic yin yoga classes with others!

Namaste <3

"Yin really takes you into the magic within"

yin yoga teacher training
€ 700,-

50hrs Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training

The Regular price of this fundamental 50hrs Yin Yoga Training  in person starts at €1500.
We are happy to offer it to you Now as an online teacher training for €700. 
* This yoga teacher training is also approved by Yoga Alliance

I really enjoyed it - what a great content
"Thank you Kata! I have started the videos and really enjoying them so far. Glad we can take it at our own pace, what a great content! I think I’ll be going backwards and forwards through the videos to really make sure I haven’t missed anything!" 
Kelly from the united Kingdom
100% recommended

"It was a great experience, both Kata and Erno are amazing teachers. I would recommend this online yin yoga training to everyone. I will definitely do more trainings and courses with them in the future. Can recommend it 100%"

Jessica from Switzerland