Reviews Yoga Teacher Trainings

Here you can read reviews from yogis who participated in our international yoga teacher trainings 

and online teacher trainings. These reviews have been send in through an independent platform that we cannot influence.

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Program was beyond what I expected
"Because of the Coronavirus situation I was not able to go to the training in person as initially planned so I took the opportunity to do the Yin Yoga Teacher Training online. 

I know it might sound weird but it was an amazing and transformative experience! Kata is able to shine her light even through the Internet by always being open to listen, never judgemental or losing patience with our thousands of questions. She was able to create a safe space and unified our group. She transmitted her valuable knowledge while, at the same time, giving each of us the space to grow and find out what works for us.
For me that's what a good teacher is all about : someone that not only has the knowledge but also embodies the qualities he/she is talking about. I am beyond grateful!"

yin yang
M.M. from Luxemburg
This yoga training completely transformed my Yin Yoga practice
The Yin yoga teacher training was a wonderful experience from start to finish. The teachings are above any expectation and both Kata & Erno, share from their hearts their knowledge & passion for yoga. Kata has an easy way of conveying her teachings with lovely stories, told with compassion and simplicity. Her enthusiasm and support make it an easy way to understand the essence of the training in all its' forms. The yoga practices are creative, engaging and completely transformed my yin practice. 

Also I had never experienced Yoga Nidra before and Erno provides a wonderful first time experience. His soothing voice during the breathing meditation was also amazing. All in all a wonderful experience. If you are considering an online yin yoga course, this is the one to go for!

yin yang
B.M. from Spain
I love the way you teach online

"I normally I don’t like online courses but I just started yesterday with listening to the sessions, your voice, the explanations, everything is just amazing. I love the way you teach with this divine feminine power. Thank You, thank you, thank you"

yin yang
N.B. from Belgium
Yin Yoga Essentials TT is full of content

"I finally am through all the content of the Yin Yoga Essentials Training. Wow what an experience, thank you for all the knowledge that you transmitted, all the experiences - I think it will take me a while until I integrated all of it. But luckily I have the manuals and the videos to get back to it."

yin yang
L.S. from Switzerland

What do participants say?

Here you can listen to some of our students who recently shared about their experiences with the 50hrs Online Yin Yoga Essentials Teacher training. All of them completed the training and coursework in their own time and received their certificates. 

Reviews New 30hrs Acupressure & Yin Yoga Course

Very inspring materials

"I am learning slowly, because I really want to digest each element. I have a lot of videos to watch but so far, I am really enjoying learning about how my body is working when I am stimulating certain acupressure points.
The Live study sessions are a wonderful addition.
It's great to also see what other participants are experiencing and to gain a deeper understanding of these materials together.
I am really happy and grateful for being part of this online training!"

yin yang
Anne from the United Kingdom
Acu-Yin gave me deep self-care

"It was a deep self care experiment for me. I was always passionate about the meridians and the healing effects of acupressure points. I feel blessed with the 30hours
Acu-Yin training of Kata. Acu-yin really deepens more my yin practice, but it also helps me every day, it has a healing effect on me. I use my acupoints whenever I need it and I feel really the energy of the acupoints. I am sooo thankful for Kata's teachings, for helping me through my journey as a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher. I hope to spread the message to as much people as we can, so they also can find a way for more self-care and wellbeing."

yin yang
Laure from Belgium

Practical and powerful training

"Thank you very much for your videos and written material and explanations. I love to go through them again and repeat the Elements sessions and also some of the special topics sessions. I really feel I can use nearly all the
acu-points most of the time"

yin yang
Constance from Germany

Amazing course with great explanation

"Kata van Doesselaar your explanation in the acu-yin  course of the yin and yang organs in such a simple way is amazing and makes it easier to memorise the organs functions and meridians pathways, so beautiful!
Thank you, great teacher!"

yin yang
M.D. from Switzerland
online yoga

Receive more self-care and expand your teaching skills with this powerful 

30hrs Acu-Yin yoga teacher training

The Acupressure & Yin Yoga course enhances your yin yoga practice and helps you  to develop deeply transformative yoga classes. You also get great self care tools to have more balance and self-love in your daily life.

Reviews 200hrs Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Program

My yin yang journey

"An incredible personal growth experience that allows you to become a better version of yourself in such a loving and nurturing environment. The training program was excellent as were the lovingly prepared meals and the comfortable accommodations. The instructors are two beautiful souls that bring so much more to this experience than expected. Kata and Erno - thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience, and for accompanying me through this amazing journey. You have been a blessing in my life and the life of so many others. Namaste"


yin yang
Berthe from Canada
Fantastic teachers, amazing experience

"I really liked absolutely everything! The teachers and the way the 200h yin yang training is organised and delivered is just fantastic. I can see and feel how much work and thought went into creating this training. I have learnt a lot about myself, and teaching yoga. This experience was actually much more than learning about practicing or teaching yoga. For me this was about enhancing self awareness, acceptance, self love... This experience brought new energy and empowerment into my life. I had some of the very best practices I have experienced until now. It was simply magical and it keeps going..."

yin yang

Edina from Luxemburg

Excellent open and humble instructors

"I could shortly say I loved everything of the 200hrs yin yang. Kata and Erno are excellent instructors, but what I mostly liked about them was their desire to be as helpful, gentle, precise as possible. The teaching was above any expectation, Kata has a wonderful capacity to share her huge knowledge with simplicity, kindness and enthusiasm. She's not the kind of instructor looking 'down' to the students, she's always ready to take suggestions and ideas from them and melt the ideas of the group with hers. She is very open and humble, willing to give as much as she can to the group. I also really liked the way Erno taught the breathing techniques and Yoga Nidra. Here again, it's not only the content but, like Kata, he's teaching like he is in life, and that's what I mostly like maybe. Both of them teach from their hearts and you can feel a long background of experiences and teachings from their life that brought them to share their passion with heart and intelligence. They are helpful in every way,I could continue, but no space anymore, just go for it, you will love it!"

yin yang
Suzanne from the United States
Much more then I could imagine

"First of all I thoroughly enjoyed Kata's and Erno's approach to yoga. On one hand being respectful to what yoga is about, but at the same time appreciating that everyone is different and that everyone has to find his/her own way. I think it is very rare these days and it takes a really great person with lots of empathy and a respect to other people to have this kind of approach. Secondly, although it was intense at times, one doesn't perceive it in this way because everything was presented and experienced in a very natural manner. Another important aspect of the whole experience is that Kata and Erno are able to create an environment where people feel very safe and open. That creates beautiful group dynamics. At some point it feels like the training becomes so much more than just learning more about yoga as all of a sudden you start feeling to discover parts of your personality that were long forgotten or/and neglected. Last but not least, Kata and Erno are absolutely fantastic hosts, who are doing it out of pure love for other human beings."

yin yang

T.K. from Montenegro

certified yoga teachers

Become a certified 200hrs
Yin Yang yoga teacher on Ibiza

It is essential to have a balance of Yin and Yang energy in our lives. 

This is why we have created our in depth 200hrs Yin Yang yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance. It can be joined as a core foundation for yoga teachers or as an extension towards your 500hrs ERYT. 

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