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200hrs Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

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Yin-Yang: Restore balance in your Life & through your teachings

This teacher training course approaches yoga from an energetical perspective. Yet you will learn a lot about the physical part, philosophical and anatomy part as well, in a grounded, down to earth way. Yin & Yang is the symbol of polarities, that we encounter everywhere in our dualistic world. In our concept yin is the principle of the feminine, receptive, still, intuitive, meditative quality, while yang is the principle of the masculine, active, engaging, expressing quality. In the cosmic order these two qualities have their eternal flow, dance where they always balance each other out and come back to balance. In our lives we have these qualities as well, but sometime we get out of balance.. Especially as most of us live in a western society, where usually the “doing” part is exaggerated and there is little time space for nurturing the quietude, the receptivity, and the connection to our own Source.

JOIN OUR POPULAR 200hrs Yin-Yang Yoga teacher Training now ONLINE!
Learn how to teach:
Holistic 5 elements Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga & Yin-Yang Yoga classes, workshops, therapeutic one to one classes


Our signature very popular Yin &Yang Yoga TT NOW launched in full ONLINE FORMAT!

DATES: You can start your training anytime
You can complete it in 6-9-12 months with 10 Yang modules (120hrs) &  50hrs of Yin module, - pre-recorded.
There will be 2 online one to one class with Kata, and monthly checking-in, so she is giving feedback on your practice, and learning journey.

Join our 200hrs Yin &Yang Yoga online TT with experienced senior yoga teacher and teacher trainer Kata van Doesselaar.  Complete the sessions in your own time and rhythm, and get certified to teach Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, Yin &Yang yoga classes!

A unique holistic approach for balance


Cultivating a healthy Yin: Nourishment  ability to listen, to feel, to just be, embrace and integrate with compassion to heal. And be a Source of Love and healing presence for others. Learn to surrender, to let Go, and release grip of the human self to be able to tap into the greater Self and sacredness of Life. 

Cultivating a healthy Yang: Learn how to gather the energy, focus, activate engage and move from passion and confidence in your Life. Without pushing or exhausting yourself,  become stronger and wiser, a source of inspiration and positive fire to be able to accomplish, transform and change whatever you wish. Release effort and blockages and learn to flow and move with grace from the heart. On the mat and in your Life. 

Tantric and mindful Buddhist approach, shamanic healing approach.

This course is a deeply transformative healing journey, as only by healing and loving yourself first then you can offer these qualities to other, by going trough the experience instead of just talking about the theories of it. There will be a lot of focus on your personal experience and opening up to senses, listening, and landing in your true nature.


Learn to understand the 5 elements and the concept of balance within yourself and with nature and seasons around you and become skilled in rebalancing your energetical/mental/ emotional imbalances - with the ancient tools from the wise Chinese. Learn to teach healing, energetically balancing yoga classes, to support people of the 21th century.We believe yoga should be accessible to all. This is how we will transmit it to you.

Our training includes: 

130h Yang Module: 5 elements holistic Vinyasa flow, basics of Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flow and TCM.      
9 modules of 10-15hrs of classes, theory, lectures, teacher's lab sessions

50H YIN YOGA MODULE, you will learn the ins-outs and the healing power of Yin Yoga with our Yin Yoga Essentials module.

5HRS of Yin&Yang MODULE , teaching skills...methodology.

    You will get access to all the materials - and you can complete the training in your own rhythm 3-6 or 12 months
    As example if you spend 5 hours a week on the sessions, and plus joining some extra classes you will be able to  complete the training in max 8 months. But you have the freedom to create your own learning rhythm. You have access to all materials for 3 years.
    Get access to on demand 108+ online classes with Kata to practice different styles and themes classes whenever you wish

    Building awareness on your needs and on your students needs based on the seasons, their emotional, mental or physical state. Learn to tailor healing and rebalancing classes for All. This is what you will learn in our 200hrs online yin-yang yoga course!

    Highlights of our training:

    • Learn the roots of traditional Yoga, philosophy, fundamentals of meditation, pranayama and asana practice
    • Learn the newest anatomy teachings to be able to practice yoga in a safe way and offer that to your students
    • Learn the art of creative and holistic sequencing for Vinyasa flow, Yin and Yin-Yang classes
    • Learn modifications of poses, use of props to adapt and also adjustments
    • Learn how to offer opening and closing meditations for your yoga classes and how to hold space for transformational experiences
    • Become a skilled and confident yoga teacher, ready to teach and learn also skills on how to market your classes and be successfull


    3 teacher trainings in ONE!

    yin yang

    Learn to teach Yang style 5 elements vinyasa flow classes

    Besides learning the anatomy of teaching yoga, and adapting poses to each unique body, you will learn how to create creative sequences to support emotional, energetical balance as well based on the 5 elements theory (Chinese System)
    yin yang

    Learn to teach deeply nourishing, restoring Yin classes

    Learn the anatomy of Yin Yoga and learn profound ways to support your students for deep inner transformation, grounding, healing on all levels, and on their journey toward their true Self.
    yin yang

    Learn to teach balanced and energetic Yin-Yang classes

    In a safe way learn to combine these polarities together, in a skillful way for energetical, mental, emotional, physical health & balance.

    yin yang

    Individual coaching

    Every month chat with Kata in a one-on-one session to reflect on how your journey is unfolding, getting support where you need it.
    yin yang

    How to teach yin yoga?

    Get comfortable and confident in teaching yoga with the different embodiment and integration assessments you need to complete as part of the training.
    yin yang

    The art of sequencing

    Kata is a very creative Spirit who never teaches the same class twice. She is known for her amazing sequences and she loves to empower others as well to create incredibly good, powerful sequences..

    I am very proud that I completed this 200h training and, above all, very happy about this ongoing journey.

    I really want to thank you for the great teaching and training you offered us, which allowed for self-guidance on the path of discovery and connection. 

    breath meditation
    Lena K, Switzerland

    Kata, this has been a journey beyond my expectations. I had my challenges but I am so proud I completed it! I was so happy to receive my certificate. Thank you so much for everything. It will be strange not to be in contact anymore. I hope that one day soon I will go to Ibiza for one of your retreat.

    chakra and yoga
    Beatrice G, Canada

    Thank you very much! I am so enjoying the journey. It’s the right path for me.

    Nkem, USA

    Start today, progress in your own time, join a new study group in January!


    What is Yang yoga?

    Yang yoga is all what is active style of yoga, such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, power Yoga, Kundalini. All activating, and energising, mainly working actively with our muscles to create strength, stability and sharp focus. With our Yang teacher training module you will be able to create a soulful, energising, uplifting flow class based on energetically sequencing, connected to the meridians OR offering a classes with an anatomical focus, such as Yoga for the spine, for hips or chest and shoulders. 
    You will learn how to awaken a certain energy flow in the body linked to the five elements, and how to create anatomically safe and nourishing yet empowering classes for all.
    You will learn the basic poses, modifications for vinyasa flow and hatha.
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    What is Yin yoga?

    Yin yoga is complementary practice to Yang style yoga. It works with passive stretches where we spend longer times in a passive way, surrendering to gravity in the poses, close to the ground.

    Yin yoga works on our Yin tissues, such as connective tissue, ligaments and joints, and can be very healing for old scar tissues, releasing limitations, and creating more felxibility, as well as restoring a balance in the nervous system, and activating cell rejuvenation, and anti inflammatory processes in our body.

    Yin yoga also has a beautiful psychological, spiritual, mindful aspect, it teaches us how to be still and to just listen, how to build an intimate connection to self.

    Yin Yoga has a deeply healing effect. And even tough every person is different, every story is different, and a healing process requires not only the realisations of the patterns, underlying emotional memories and tensions behind every dis-ease, but also new conscious choices about your life, we can acknowledge that with appropriate sequences you can rebalance major imbalances in the body with regular yin practice.

    Such as allergies, digestive, hormonal problems, back problems, mental problems, blood pressure problems, anxiety symptoms, emotional blockages, lack of energy. Emotional disorders such as lack of determination, trust and confidence, anger problems, depression, fears can all be nurtured by appropriate yin practice with great results.

    Eventually transforming our life into a more loving, more still, more attentive and caring, enjoyable journey, then the fast paced western pattern.

    yin yoga ibiza

    Teaching Skills

    Throughout the different modules , both in the Yin 6 yang part we will elaborate on how to teach in a skilful ways yoga, how to share from your heart, how to use your own authentic, confident voice and what should you teach that is unique to you.  We will dive into the art of teaching yin yoga,  the art of sequencing yin yoga, the role of a teacher, the art of holding space for oneself and students.  Teaching skills enhancements, the contraindications, alternatives for Yin yoga practice, difference between restorative & yin yoga, yin yoga & pregnancy and postnatal period. And for the Yang module we will learn to be the inspiring embodied vinyasa flow teacher that you always dreamt about. With more then 20 years of teaching experience we will help you to overcome the first insecurities and give you real honest feedback so that you can unleash your full potential step by step on the journey to become an embodied Yoga Teacher.
    yin yoga training ibiza

    Kata's lectures about yoga philosophy and Awakening

    Our online yin-yang yoga training includes lectures about the roots of yoga, the Yogic lifestyle, Yoga philosophy and how to apply these to our lives in the 21st century. Kata has been on the Journey of self-discovery for more then 25 years, and she is very passionate to empower you to awaken to all your potentials and to live your life with more awareness, more sensations, more depth and a sense of magic that you are part of.  She is one of those teachers that are dedicated, living what they teach about, yet have a strong sense of humor and lightness to make all learnings effortless.
    certified yoga teachers

    Get certified to teach all around the world!

    This training is registered with Yoga Alliance® as our 200hrs Rise & Shine Yoga teacher training.

    if you are already a registered teacher, you can also use these 200hrs to start to work towards your 300hrs / 500hrs RYT certificate with Rise & Shine Yoga & Awareness.
    And with time take other online (or in person) modules with us, to build up your hours.

    200hrs yoga certificate

    Approval & Certification

    You need to watch and practice all videos, practice some of the 108+ online yoga classes that are at your disposal besides the training modules. For all modules we have special assessments, and written coursework that you need to complete and send in, and the final Project, a teaching video after completion of all videos, to be sent in for feedback and evaluation. You need to have 2 one-to one classes with Kata and monthly short checking-ins to share about your journey and progress and get guidance on both your practice and learning, teaching journey. Once all coursework completed, you will be sent your certificate of 200hrs Yoga teacher, and with that you can register with Yoga Alliance and teach in any studios of the world!

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    Your teacher, Kata van Doesselaar EYRT500, has been teaching yoga since 2008, and teaching trainings from 2014. She has been holding space and empowering yogis in more than 120 yoga teacher trainings all around the globe. Her biggest joy is to watch her students grow and find their power, their voice, their mission...to contribute to a more loving and harmonious world.