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Online yoga teacher trainings and immersions

Follow quality online yoga courses from the comfort of your home and in your own pace!


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Transformational yoga trainings in your own rhythm and place

We know how challenging it is to live a busy life, and not being able to take time off for your yoga studies, or maybe not being able to travel to a yoga retreat or trainings. Therefore we have put a big effort in making our transformational yoga teacher trainings and self development immersions available in an online format as well. You can start with our online yoga anytime and practice and progress in your own rhythm. On top of this, we have created a great yoga community experience with private groups and study circles. Join our online yoga trainings from the comfort of your home and be part of a vibrant and inspiring Yogi/Yogini community to learn, to go deeper and feel connected. Be inspired to follow and live your passion!
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After completion of your coursework, you get our feedback and evaluation, and your certificate to teach what you learned with us.

Yoga Alliance® approved

All our online yoga teacher trainings and immersions are approved by Yoga Alliance®

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Learning community

We are offering a vibrant and inspiring online yoga community to inspire you to follow your studies. Together we grow!
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Accessible led teachers

If you have a question during your yoga course or immersion, don't hesitate to ask! We keep developing additional teachings and materials to support you.
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Reasonable costs

For us it is important that we are able to share our teachings with those who wish to learn. Therefore we keep our prices reasonable and accessible and offer payment plans, or even scholarships. 
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Very personal approach

Yoga and meditation are very personal experiences and that is why our yoga courses have a natural and personal approach. Our teaching style gives space to develop your authentic self.

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love! It will not lead you astray.”  - Rumi

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Why choose Rise & Shine yoga?

We offer our 25 years experience, our dedication to the highest standards and our loving approach to all those who wish to deepen their practice and experience with yoga, meditation and awareness. We are dedicated to hold a non-judgmental, compassionate and empowering space for all of our students. We are committed to welcome everyone at their own level and as their authentic self. We do this because we are convinced that yoga should be accessible to all.

    If you want to take your personal yoga practice deeper, you can find the right immersion. If you want to study to become a yoga teacher, you can choose a training taught by senior teachers to make sure that you become a skilled and empowered yoga teacher.
  • We offer a variety of yoga teacher trainings, from 30hrs YACEP (post educational) immersions to 200/300/500hrs Yoga Alliance approved certification.
    • You can start your learning journey and let it unfold with time, adding new modules, and building up to a Yoga Alliance certification in different styles. Benefit from the freedom to choose and the freedom to learn yoga styles as Yin yoga, Yang. yoga, Vinyasa Flow yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga in your own rhythm.
  • Combine Live online classes and workshops with pre-recorded sessions,  so you have the benefits of all.
  • Become part of a wonderful global learning community and get inspired in your own practice. Be ready to share your own yoga teachings in authentic ways!

Impressions of our yoga teacher trainings and courses

What participants say about our online yoga trainings

Acu-Yin yoga course is just amazing

"I am a holistic hairdresser and kundalini yoga & yin yoga teacher and normally I don’t like online courses. But then I just started yesterday with listening to the info of Acupressure & Yin yoga training, your voice, your explanations, everything is just amazing!
I love the way you give your classes with this Devine, feminine power. Many, many thanks."

yin yang
Nina from Belgium
Transformative experience with online Yin TT
"I took the opportunity to do the Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online. It was an amazing, transformative experience! 

Kata is able to shine her light even through the Internet by always being open to listen and never judgemental or losing patience with our thousands of questions. She transmitted her valuable knowledge while also giving each of us the space to grow and find out what works for us. For me that's what a good teacher is all about: Someone that not only has the knowledge but also embodies the qualities he/she is talking about. I am beyond grateful!"

yin yang
Marcelle from Luxemburg

Overview of our online yoga trainings 

and yoga courses


200hrs Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

JOIN OUR POPULAR 200hrs Yin-Yang Yoga teacher Training now ONLINE!

Holistic 5 elements Vinyasa Flow, 
Yin Yoga & Yin-Yang Yoga classes, 
Special Theme Yoga workshops, 
Therapeutic one to one classes
Become a Certified 200 hrs Yoga Teacher! (Approved by Yoga Alliance®)


chakra yoga teacher training

50h Chakra Yin & Yin Flow TT

Do you want learn & teach a new kind of yin yoga classes?
Are you looking for inspiring teachings and you have always been interested in working with chakra's?
Then this online chakra yin yoga training is for you!
restorative yoga online

35h Goddess Restorative Yoga TT

Discover the deep rest & nourishment
in Goddess restorative yoga!
Learn the healing benefits of the long-held, simple and gentle restorative yoga poses without any effort. And how to teach others...

acu yin yoga

30h Acupressure & Yin Yoga TT / Course

Join this powerful 30hrs Acu-Yin Teacher Training for those who are familiar with teaching Yin yoga. This yoga course is a deep self-care immersion for those practitioners who want to learn more about creating balance on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level in their lives.
yin yoga teacher training online

50h Yin Yoga Essentials Teacher Training

Join our highly recommended 50hrs Yin Yoga Essentials Teacher Training (YACEP) 

for a solid base in Yin yoga and mindfulness, with introduction of Chinese Medicine, 5 elements,  meridian and organ health concepts.

kata & erno

Questions or doubts about our yoga training?

Don't hesitate to ask! We can imagine that you might have some questions or doubts about joining one of our online yoga teacher trainings or yoga immersions. Maybe you are wondering if we are having advanced teacher trainings or if you can also start as beginner, or maybe you want to know how long to train to be a yoga teacher.
We can already give you some answers on our FAQ page.
Just know that we are happy to get to know you! Feel free to give us a call, so we can connect, feel comfortable and discuss what is the best for YOU. We are here to support You on YOUR yoga journey, so let’s start it together today!
Click below to schedule your 20 min free call at a time and day that is good for you. :)