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Join our Goddess Vinyasa Flow Yoga Training in Ibiza!

100hrs/140h  goddess vinyasa flow yoga teacher training in a beautiful villa

in the heart of magical Ibiza taught by expert teacher trainer Kata van Doesselaar 

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100h Goddess Vinyasa Flow Yoga Training

Upcoming Training Dates: March 5-15, 2023 FULL

April 24-May 4 & July 17-27 
Now Available with early bird discount!!
Learn vinyasa flow yoga & movement sequences that will help you to awaken the powerful divine Feminine qualities inside of you. Take your creative powers into your own hands to design a Life birthed by Love, Joy and enjoyment for your own benefits and the benefits of others.
It is TIME to RISE & SHINE! 

Join this life changing journey to awaken your connection to the Goddess within. Each day we will invoke and connect and learn about a Goddess whose qualities we carry within ourselves. But now it is the time to awaken these connections so you can start to live an even happier, fulfilled life with all your divine creativity, wisdom and transformational powers.

Learn to hold a sacred space for others and learn tools and develop skills to empower other women in their transformation, healing and rising!

This is unique Goddess Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher training can be joined by yoginis without vinyasa flow fundamental trainings as well. In this case you have to follow the online preparation module of 30hrs- in your own rhythm, to learn fundamentals of vinyasa flow, asanas, anatomy. In this way we will all start at the same level.

Access for 2 years to all videos is 150€.

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Open to the flow

Kata will take you into unique vinyasa flow practices for all levels

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Chanting seed sounds

Discover the power of chanting sacred mantra's in a women circle

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Goddess Yoga Nidra

Experience the healing effect of yoga Nidra with the sacred Goddess

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Individual coaching

Get clear instructions, hands on assists and individual feedback

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How to teach vinyasa

Learn to embody Goddess vinyasa flow yoga and teach skilfully

The art of sequencing

Learn to create for each Goddess quality an empowering sequence

Kata Van Doesselaar
Kata Van Doesselaar - expert teacher trainer

About your yoga teacher trainer

Kata Van Doesselaar is practicing meditation and yoga for 25 years. She started her teacher trainer journey in 2010. After having studied more then 2000hrs with wonderful international Yoga teachers, she connected to the ancient roots of yoga and sacred teachings that transcend time and space. Her enthusiastic and compassionate way of teaching touches the Soul and empowers the human Self to be able to go beyond its limitations. She will teach you how to love yourself more and how to open your wings to fly with wisdom, grace and inspiration through the human journey and also as yoga teachers that inspire others.
Kata's message is that we all carry the divine sparkle within, and we should learn the right tools to awaken it and to keep it alive for a fulfilled life. That not only means happiness to us, but inspiration for others.

Her main teachers have been Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers, Rod Stryker, Lama Surya Das, Norma Delaney and Tom Myers. 
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What can you expect from our 
100h/140h Goddess Vinyasa Flow TT?

  • Accommodation in a beautiful yoga villa in the heart of Ibiza
  • Daily healthy & delicious vegan & gluten free meals
  • Sunrise and sunset rituals on amazing locations
  • All level daily yoga practices
  • 100hrs/140h Goddess Vinyasa Flow Certificate approved by Yoga Alliance
  • Daily sessions to awaken the sacred Goddess Energies within you
  • Learning vinyasa sequences connected to specific Goddesses
  • Detailed Manual
  • Creative & transformational sequencing
  • Including Breath work, Meditation and Chanting 
  • Mindfulness
  • Nourishing feminine approach
  • Learning how to support other women with yoga, mantra, meditation
  • Learn to hold women circles, rituals
  • Learn anatomy, teaching skills to be able to teach students in a safe and very empowering way
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Program 100h /140h goddess flow yoga teacher training

 Our 11 days of program include: 
- Daily 2 practices ( yoga, meditation, dance ) goddess lectures and awakening sessions
- Daily meditations, chanting, wisdom and healing circles and practices.
- Teaching labs to understand vinyasa poses and feel the energetic alignment

- Learning to embody the different essences of each gooddess
-Learning to create empowering sequences, and how to bring in storytelling, philosophy in your classes
- Sacred rituals and excursions to power spots on Ibiza
- Sunrise and sunset rituals, water purification ceremonies
-Learn to offer transformational rituals

Daily Schedule Plan (can change according to the groups needs):

08.00 - 11.00 Morning Practice & Meditation

11.00 - 12.00 Brunch
12.00 - 14.00 Theory, Exercises, Lectures.
14.00 - 15.30 Lunch, break for nature time, reading, contemplation time.
15.30 - 16.00 Snack
16.00 - 19.00 Afternoon Session: Practice, Theory, Lecture.
19.00 - 20.00 Dinner

20.00   Every second evening : Meditation, wisdom talks, chanting

goddess vinyasa flow yoga

Awakening the sacred Goddesses within you

Throughout the history of humanity there has always been feminine sacred communities to pass on wisdom, healing and empower sacred creativity..we will walk this path together and form a sweet and nourishing women circle throughout our week..with acceptance, inspiration, love and kindness.

Loads of nourishment of this beautiful Goddess island... daily 2 times Goddess flow yoga sessions, meditations, Sequencing, teaching lab, mantras, chanting, women circles...massages, beach time, sunrise sessions and healing yoga Nidra session. You can choose for an optional Personal Goddess Channelled reading.
The Goddesses that we will work with are:
- Earth Goddess, Moon Goddess, Sun God- Goddess Saraswati

- Goddess Lakshmi

- Goddess Durga & Goddess Kali & GANESHA 

- Goddess Tara

(please note this is not a religious program, we honour each tradition, and we awaken the qualities of the Goddesses inside of ourselves.

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Required readings

Recommended Readings: (you can also read these after the teacher training)
Dr David Frawley:  Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda

Sally Kempton:  Awakening Shakti

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Approval & Certification

This  yoga teacher training is registered with Yoga Alliance® as YACEP training: 'Continuous education'

This means that you can add these hours to your training hours, that you are required to be adding each 3 years, if you are already a registered yoga teacher. But you can also use these 100h/140h to start to work towards your 200hrs Rise&Shine Yoga RYT certificate with Rise & Shine Yoga School. For example addign 60hrs Yin TT could complete your package.So with time you can take other in person (or online) yoga trainings with us, to build up your hours.

To get certified: You will have to complete a written coursework on which you will get our feedback, and a teaching video. Then you will receive your 100h/140h hrs Goddess Vinyasa Flow Teacher certificate upon completion.

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"I miss you and all your wonderful goddess flow yoga teachings! I want to thank you so much for such a special experience, it has really been life changing for me and given me the self belief to go forward."  

Sacred Vinyasa Flow TT June, 2019.

"Awaken the Goddess within you"

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Contact us for a special early Bird offer! 

100h/140h Goddess Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Ibiza 24.April-May 4 2023 & July 17-27,2023

This Life changing Goddess Vinyasa yoga teacher training also includes:

  • Yummy vegan brunch and dinner & healthy snack throughout the day
  • Excursion to power spots on Ibiza
  • Certificate approved by Yoga Alliance
  • After training student support
  • With Covid Flexibility Policy
    In case that you couldn't join us due to covid travel restriction regulations as lockdowns, border closure, or strict municipalilty travel limitation, we can rebook you to another date in the future at no extra cost. *This does not include having tested positive for CV19.
    Just like any other unexpected illnesses or injuries this is for your own responsibility.
    There for we strongly recommend you to be well insured with your travel insurance, including covid insurance.

Participation fee:
Price: full training, daily yummy vegan meals and accommodation in shared room €2250 
(excluding early bird discount)
Price: full training, daily yummy vegan meals and accommodation in single room €2700
(excluding early bird discount)

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We offer a Special Early Bird Discount spot until 20 March 2022

Goddess Vinyasa is all about flow

"Kata is a great teachers' teacher. Her goddess vinyasa TT is all about flow: the way it's structured, the way it adapts to the participants' expectations and needs on a daily basis (and to the weather conditions if necessary), and the way progress unfolds. I left with a sense of having made progress, on so many levels. I noticed a big difference in my energy level, my body, my understanding of yoga, and of teaching yoga. 

On the location: that was wow. I'm referring to the villa, the beautiful view on the ocean, the nature around it."

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Francesca from Spain

Hard to put into words

"It's very hard to put into words how amazing this yoga training was in every aspect. From the teachings, people, food (food aka work of art), location, villa, trips, Ibiza in all its beauty!! It was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I felt completely welcome and safe at all times which i think is a huge thing when you're taking the plunge and booking something, especially online. Kata & Erno are incredible teachers and I feel so grateful and full for the whole experience".

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Paige from the United Kingdom