Frequently asked questions about yoga teacher trainings. When can I join? How long do I need to practice?

Is a yoga teacher training going to be really intense? (probably coming from stories about yoga teacher trainings in India)

Every yoga teacher training is intense, as in some ways it is important that we get out of our comfort zone in order to grow and expand. However, we love to make sure that there is a right balance of ease, grace and nourishment - together with empowerment and strength development in our trainings. This way it always stays enjoyable, fun and yes, in a healthy way challenging!

I am not flexible enough; I cannot do all the poses...
Can I still become a certified yoga teacher?

Oh yes, we have heard these questions a thousand times. For us, yoga is not just about the poses/asanas. Yoga means unity, harmony and awareness. Are we able to cultivate more love, more patience, explore deeper and transform, grow and understand? All this is yoga! The poses are tools to get in touch with different qualities and states of awareness inside of our bodies. The asanas are not our destination. They are tools on the path towards the destination, therefore there are many tools we can use/change/choose from while we keep our gaze on the Path. The Path is the journey towards freedom, love, liberation, joy and fulfilment. Is this resonating with you?  If yes, our yoga teacher training is for YOU! We will be happy to share many alternatives to some poses that you might not be able to do. As believe us, you are not the only one, and your future students will love you even more for this! Perfect imperfection is what we all are.

I am afraid of the yoga group experience. How are the group dynamics?

We are happy to say that our groups happen to be very loving, inspiring and just in a great vibe, even if we do online yoga courses. We enjoy the fact that we can become a small vibrant community for 1-2-3 weeks or even longer - in which we share in a training. Wonderful discussions, joyful, fun and inspiring moments we share, however there is always space and possibility to just be by yourself, if that is what you need. Never any obligation, but always acceptance.

Are yoga teacher trainings very strict and serious? Is it rigid?

Our ways of transmitting what we learnt to you, comes from our teachers, from a beautiful pure source and what we cultivated from our own experiences. It is very free and non-dogmatic. We believe that there are many ways to express the same thing and walk the Path of yoga and inner balance. However, there are of course a few guidelines that we ask to be respected, in order to make the experience enjoyable and respectful for all.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about yoga courses

Is it stressful to become a yoga teacher?

We believe that there is already enough stress in daily life, so we try to create a completely relaxed atmosphere where we can learn together in an inspiring and efficient way. Our yoga teacher trainings are inviting you to just be who you are.

Are your yoga teacher trainings approved by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, all our online yoga teacher trainings are accredited by Yoga Alliance and they can be part of your education towards becoming a 200hrs RYT or 500hrs RYT yoga teacher.

What does it give me as a customer to join one of your events?

Personal attention with respect for the level that you are practicing yoga. We meet you where you are right now and you get a map to grow and develop yourself under the guidance of senior yoga teachers. Our yoga courses are a community experience: getting connected to like-minded, hearted people, and get inspiration and knowledge to walk your authentic path with unique skills and success.

What can you expect from us as your yoga teachers?

We offer professional yoga teacher trainings that will enable you to share yoga with integrity and confidence to all level students. We empower our participants to find their own authentic voice and message, and ways to share these. We encourage you to go beyond your biggest challenges and grow as a yoga practitioner, teacher and as a person on the Path. We are offering compassionate yet solid guidance, lead with creativity and an easy to follow, enjoyable style. For us it is important that we offer high standard trainings, in every way, and to honour the individual differences. 

We are giving space for diversity yet we are solid about what personal effort, dedication, time and practice needs to be put into the process of becoming a yoga teacher. We show true interest and care towards our students and we are accessible when they need us. 

Our yoga teacher trainings are based on top-notch knowledge: including the latest on anatomy, ancient teachings and new energy transmissions to empower You to become a fuller, better, more radiant and integrated version of your Self. 

At the end of our yoga teacher trainings you will be able to start your teachings in a confident, inspiring and passionate way!

I am afraid I don’t know enough about yoga to become a yoga teacher. What can I do?

Please be aware that these feelings are normal and 95% of our trainee yoga teachers arrive with some sort of doubt and anxiety to our trainings. This is simply because we have been all raised like this. Our mind will always trigger thoughts of anxiety when we start something new! We are happy to help you find out at what level you are on right now and if you want to learn more, what yoga training or immersion is the best for you, to become a yoga teacher.

We are proud that we are offering a variety of yoga teacher trainings and all level yoga courses. Please Feel free to ask for a private call possibility so we can decide together what is the best for you!

'I am not sure if I am good enough to become a yoga teacher...'
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