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7 weeks of Yoga, Awareness & Meditation Sadhana to strengthen your manifestation skills , your health and happiness

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7 weeks transformational journey

Weekly videos, for practice, lecture, meditation & assessement

Recalibrating your 7 chakras

clearing old patterns, activating new energy

Yoga,meditation&awareness assessments

Opening up to your Full potential

2024 is connected to the number of 8

With numerology we are exploring the vibration of each year. 2024 means 2+2+4 = 8 This new year will be linked to the vibration of the number 8. Which is connected to Leadership, power, karma, and infinity. Expansion, power, wealth, abundance and determination, and some major guiding power will be felt and experienced by all, and / or these topics will be there for us to relate, activate and experience in our lives. 

It is already a tradition, that each year Kata offers a Sadhana (dedicated consistent journey with focused practices) to start the new year and activate the energies and our inner skills to launch this new cycle in the most supportive, empowering and positive way.

Join our inspiring community

We will share the practices and the journey that unfolds, to inspire and get support and enjoy the connectedness over a private group

yoga Nidra meditation

Get each week your package

Each week you will get your videos to work with, a yoga practice, a meditation and awareness lecture and some assessement to complete to help you integrate

acu-yin yoga teacher Kata van Doesselaar

Practice whenever you wish

You get the materials each week, but it is up to you how and when you work with it.

healing restorative yoga

Watch the sessions as often as you wish

You get 2 years unlimited access to all the materials of this course

Learn to understand & to work with your chakras

You will learn how to support the new energies in each chakra to help you towards fulfilment, and you will also learn how to release blockages and old patterns

Understand how manifestation works

We will help you to fine tune your manifestation process, so that you truly get to attract and experience what you desire.

A 7 weeks long magical journey to activate your inner super powers & to plant the seeds to  manifest your visions in this new cycle

I am so excited that we can start this new cycle together! My inner journey-if i need to summerize it- was a lot about refining my abilities to create and manifest consciously.
Understanding energies, our own inner resources and also getting more clarity about what do we want to create.

Once we are able to get clarity, we add passion, love, joy to it, we are also able to invite support and guidance, and we develop consistency in focus, we are able to manifest everything in a magical way.

This is what I will teach you, and what we will explore throughout this 7 weeks together.

What does the chakra system has to do with manifestation?
Your Shakti energy (devine creativity runs through you and through all your chakras.For a fulfilled life it is important that each of our energy centers can receive and share energy freely, and that is indeed a good flow of energy in all of them.
Each chakra plays an important role in successful and conscious creation.

You need connection to EARTH level, practical tasks, and horizontal support, taking care of your needs, and connection to your tribe.

You need connection to the WATER element, to let yourself sponatenioulsy flow with joy , releasing all self limitation and guilt and shame, to open up for more joy and creativity.

You need your connection to the FIRE element to give you strength in focusing and purging what seems as obstacle to strengthen you in your confidence and stamina.

You need your connection to the AIR element to be able to embrace the interconnectedness, and the LOVE that we share. To build a team or a tribe and realize that you are not alone, so actually that is a lot to enrich with each others presence and talents.

You need your connection to the SPACE element to be able to recognise the different vibrations, energies and building more awareness on what feels right for you and the strength to stick to your authentic truth.

You need your connection to your vision center to be able to transcend limitations set by time and space to bring in a greater embodiment of your unlimited Self..May you be able to dream big!

You need your connection to your Spirit to feel, who you truly are and what is that you wish to create, experience in this human existence as divine creator. Learning to be able to sit still and feel how you are guided in every second.

We start this beautiful and transformational journey the 20th January, when you will be receiving the first week's package! Register now with our Early bird discount till 10th of January!

Our previous  Meditation & yoga Sadhanas have been full of magic and very rewarding!

Wonderful time

"I wanted to share with you that I have had the most wonderful time working with Lakshmi. I feel she works with me and my energy resonates so well with hers! During my Sadhana I have loved how she has shown up the areas in my life where I want to create more time and space to rest and restore and is also highlighting where I must have stronger boundaries around my space and personal time. I also have more clarity in where I want my life to go, and how I want to open to receive even more. I will continue with a daily Sadhana with her.

Thank you so so much for the beautiful teachings, I love how you transmit the energy so beautifully, even online it is truly wonderful!"

Andrea J.


"I did the meditations everyday and they helped me not feeling so lonely and find some inner strenght. So thank you for the meditation program. It will be great to add goddesses into my yoga practice and lessons. "
Marjolein B
Thank you so much for tonight, for sharing and practicing the Opening 21 day meditation Sadhana, so happy to see you (both of you) in Live

So happy to meditate and chant with you

I feel so warm, at peace now

So grateful for having you in my life, for being part of my journey


breath meditation
Isabelle L.

Get each week a practice for the sacred body activation, a meditation with chanting & energy work with visualisation for the heart and spirit
AND some assessments to help you to embody it all ! Plus 3 EXTRAS:

chakra and yoga

Mantras & Music Lists

Get for each chakra some music and mantra recommendation, playlists

Food & meal ideas

Each chakra can be supported by food as well, we will give you some ideas, instructions on how to use food to rebalance their energy.

Use the Private Group

You can interact during the 7 week, and even longer with the fellow participants to inspire, share and ask questions, also Kata will be available each week for a short  Q&A to All questions.


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  • Each week a video class for Yoga, a video session for meditation and awareness, and special assessments
  • Private student group on FB (or on our new platform)
  • Weekly Q&A possibility with Kata.