Advanced Fascia module for Yin & Yang styles of Yoga

Join this unique advanced teacher training that will unite the latest updates on fascia health & acupressure and sequencing art. Deepen the healing and emotional release effect of your teachings, and make sure that you are keeping  your students (and yourself)  safe

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Yin yoga is a very transformational yoga style, yet it has been practiced only for the last 30+  years...One of the deepest effects of yin is to be able to work with our fascia in a targeted and profound way.
Yet, what is fascia, how do we know how to work in a safe way with it?
How can we truly take care of our health, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing?
Maybe you feel, that it is time to refine your knowledge about the anatomy of yin,
and fascia health?
Join Kata & Fascia Expert Robert Schleip to truly understand
how to work with our fascia in a skilful way.

What will you learn in this online Training?

Fascia Yin
 Let's explore how to work with our fascia in a yin way..
what are the benefits & risks?
How to do it safely for all and for a sustainable practice for many years?

Fascia Yang

Did you know, that your fascia also needs strengthening? As it is responsible for your stability!
How do you help your fascia to be strong, resilient and elastic at the same time?

Fascia Yin&Yang

Many yoga teachers and practitioners are already flexible..what to do to avoid injuries and longterm destabilisation of our inner structures? How to be strong and flexible at the same time?

This is a unique training for yoga teachers, fitness trainers and practitioners of all styles 

Let's dive deep into the newest Anatomy and Fascia research results & let's see how physical anatomy is holistically linked to energetic and emotional balance as well 

Get skilled in offering completely unique classes to all, tailored to their REAL individual needs, instead of forcing a type of practice onto all, that may not be the best to them. Yin & Yang are responsible for our balance.
Learn to release and strengthen, activate and soften, learn to give classes on many different levels.

These 4 days will address the yin way to work with our fascia, and the yang way of working with it, and of course the combination of yin & yang within one session. We will learn to add fascia balls, acupressure points and trigger points release to a yin, yang, and yin&yang practice as well for greater release and stimulation. 

A unique training that will add completely new dimensions to your teachings, for yin, vinyasa and yin-yang classes.

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Don't miss the incredible opportunity to learn from one of the leading fascia researcher Dr. Robert Schleip LIVE , with option to ask questions and dive deep into the matters of fascia & yoga & fitness.

Get to know dr. Robert Schleip

Robert Schleip is one of the leading fascia researchers worldwide. After a long clinical and teaching career as a body therapist with the Rolfing as well as the Feldenkrais method, he now devotes more time to basic research in fascia. As a psychologist with a doctorate in human biology and as author and editor of numerous publications, he was and is a driving force behind the first Fascia Research Congress (Harvard Medical School, Boston 2007) as well as the follow-up congresses. He is head of the Fascia Research Group (University of Ulm & Technical University of Munich), Research Director of the European Rolfing Association as well as Vice President of the Fascia Research Society. His own publications on active contractility of fascial tissues were awarded the Vladimir Janda Prize for Musculoskeletal Medicine.
Kata van Doesselaar- Your Yin Yoga Master teacher trainer, with more then 10 years of experience in teaching Yin Yoga trainings

What does this online training include?

DATES: 13-16 March 2024
4 days LIVE ONLINE PROGRAM over ZOOM application from the comfort of your own home. Daily Schedules see below: 

1. Day 10-17.30h

1. day 1.session:

- Yin yoga and fascia, yang yoga and fascia

- How to work with your fascia: stretch, strengthen, elasticity, glide, etc

- Meridians and fascia connections

- Yin and yang way to work with fascia

- Risks of only stretching

1. day Afternoon:

- a fascia yang flow + yin with balls

- lecture: energy release, breathwork, spaciousness, awareness work:

You are not your stories, you are not your emotions, you are not your mind, nor your body.

2. Day 10h- 17.30h
2. day Morning:


-5 elements theory summery
Water element: superficial front and back line

Yang somatic slow flow + balls...gentle yin for water with points.

2. day afternoon: wood element, understanding the spiral line and the lateral line.

emotions, expansions...yang flow and yin with points.

3 Day 10-17.30h
3. day Morning : Fire and metal: arm lines

Yang & Yin points and flow.. balls

Breathing space..opening the heart, awakening the sacred Fire

3. day Afternoon: Earth..deep core line..

Yang flow, psoas stretch...trauma healing - bandhas

Safe space, Grounding the fire.

4. day 09h-14h
4. day Morning: Yin deep core & functional line. Earth element points
Anchoring the breath for safe space..being the witness, choosing life, taking care of our health.
4. day Noon: Points and poses analysis from our manual.
Combinations of Yang flows and yin poses.

How much , how long can we target same area? Importance of rebounds- release and neutralisation


Closing- Finish at 14.00

The benefits of this online training

You can watch it LIVE from the comfort of your home.
You will also have the possibility to rewatch the sessions and have unlimited access to watch them later for a small fee.

You will learn about things that are not shared in class and also not in trainings

You will have the chance to learn from one of the most renowned fascia experts and also one of the most experienced yin yoga teacher trainers.

All level teachings

There is no pre-requisite for this training, all people can join, because you will learn possible adaptations to all poses, to adapt them to your needs.

A live inspiring yoga teacher training over 4 full days, and a professional  detailed manual that will teach you how to work with the fascia, emotions, elements and specific requirements of yourself or your students. We will also create a private group, where we will keep sharing even after the training, giving you the opportunity to keep growing and developing even after the the course- together!

Our Yin yoga trainings have been rated 4,9 out of 5 through 193+ reviews. If you have been studying the Yin fundamentals already, it is now time to upgrade 

& update your knowledge and skills.
Read what our students are saying:

The knowledge and passion that Kata has for Yoga is magical, the training is extremely well though out in a very clear concise way, I found it to be a journey for myself as well as a practical training experience.

This has left me wanting to go back and train again with kata as her passion is like no other Teacher out there!

Carmel H.
I really liked how the week was structured, exploring yin via the practices focusing on various elements and meridians, then going through the all poses and the different variations. I also appreciated Kata's authenticity and inclusive approach - which made the athmosphere lovely and pleasant, and very inspiring for me as a fellow yoga teacher as well.
soulbreath teacher training
Emese K
Kata is such a knowledgable yoga teacher and this week will allow you to really dive deep into all things yin yoga, the elements and meditation. I have left excited to teach this transformative practice to others, but also feeling refreshed and energised from a wonderful week away.
Josie G

Take your understanding of fascia, health and balance to the next level

1.It's necessary to work with fascia in Yin & Yang way

Learn from world renown Fascia expert Robert Schleip about the latest updates on fascia and how to work with fascia in a yin & yang way, so you stay flexible and strong for many many years.

2.Learn unique fascia releasing myoyin sequences with fascia balls

Learn to offer special myofascial yin classes where we work with specific points and poses to achieve greater physical mobility, ease and health and also to achieve emotional and energetical balance.

3.Learn unique & dynamic ways to work with your fascia in a yang way

We will learn 5 fascia yang flow sequences, including the fascia balls to restore mobility, freedom and energy flow in the main areas of the body.  Including the muscles in our fascia work will balance out the effect of Yin yoga. Yet you will feel just as unified as after a full yin the unified whole feeling comes from the fascia work.

4.Learn a list of power points that you can incorporate into your classes

We will use powerful acupressure points to boost energy levels, restore energy flow and release stress and tension - in combination with yoga poses or even just separately to use for quick fix with the fascia balls.

Join this unique ONLINE training from March 13-16, 2024. 
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 Early bird fee is €455  till 1st March 2024. 
Eventually regular fee is €515 after 1 March 2024.

Regular fee: 515 EUR
Today for the early birds : €455

Don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your Yin & yinyang teachings for your own and your students benefit!

Learn new things that is not taught in other yin trainings. Have you learned anywhere about the risks of practicing yin yoga for flexible people? This is a real most of the regular yoga students are the ones who are already more flexible.. Learn from Kata & Robert Schleip about how to keep a Yin practice safe on the long term!

This is what you will get in the training:

  • 4 days online LIVE Unique Myofascial Yin-Yang yoga TT (accredited by Yoga Alliance as continuous education) 
  • A complete guide and manual of all the sequences and points 
  • BONUS #1:Access to a private forum to inspire each other and grow even after the training
  • BONUS #2:FREE downloadable sheets of the fascia lines and lists of poses to work with for each
  • A map to create your own Yin & Yang / myoyin sequences 

By completing this training you will be able to:

Teach therapeutic classes for different & unique needs

We will explore different areas of the body, and learn how to release and strengthen them with yin yoga and gentle fluid yang moves.

Create sequences to promote strength and flexibility

Understand the constitutions of your students and learn to teach them what they truly need, in a safe way for long time health and wellbeing.

Learn acupressure points & trigger points to be used in classes with Fascia Balls for Health, healing & wellbeing

Learn to use power points in your life and yoga practice to enhance a greater healing and energetic effect 

Create new sequences

Bring new inspiration into your classes by learning to create sequences in a new way!

Discover emotional and spiritual effect of working with fascia

During this unique training we will also get into the natural holistic effect, the spiritual liberation and connectedness of working with fascia.

Offer healing and energizing yin Yoga & elastic Yang flows

Get to hear the latest results of fascia research that is also connected to yin yoga, we get to understand what yin yoga can do for us and how to even enhance this with some elastic yang movements.

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