Our general terms & conditions

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Rise & Shine Yoga School uses the following Terms and Conditions:

Article 1: Identity of the entrepreneur

Rise & Shine Yoga School, Rise & Shine Yoga Ibiza are trade names of v.o.f. Soulbreath located at Molenstraat 20, zipcode 7551 DC in Hengelo, The Netherlands

Websites: https://www.riseandshineyogaschool.com ; https://shop.riseandshineyogaschool.com and https://www.rsyogahilversum.nl

Email: info@riseandshineyogaschool.com

These General Terms & Conditions were last amended on: 25-05-2018

Article 2: Application

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all bookings, orders, agreements, contracts, deliveries and other services that you have with Rise & Shine Yoga School.

2.2. By ordering and /or booking you agree to these terms and conditions.

2.3. Unless Rise & Shine Yoga School has communicated in writing to the customer that the requirements of the customer are not accepted.

Article 3: Order confirmation, agreements

3.1. An order or booking is only valid once the payment has been received by Rise & Shine Yoga School. The confirmation of receipt of your payment for your booking will be send by Rise & Shine Yoga School within 1-3 working days.

3.2 If an order cannot be accepted, Rise & Shine Yoga School will notify this within seven (7) working days after receipt of the order. After receiving this notification the agreement will be undone and a refund will be processed.

3.3 Any user of the Rise & Shine Yoga School websites has to be 18 years of age or older and agrees to be entirely financially responsible for all charges and other fees arising from use of this website.

Article 4: Prices, offers and payments

4.1.The prices stated for the products and services offered are in Euros, including VAT and exclude handling and shipping costs, any taxes or other levies, unless expressly stated otherwise or agreed in writing.

4.2 Rise & Shine Yoga School expressly reserves the right to change the prices and to offer discounts. This does not affect the status of any customer who has already paid another price. No discount will then become due to them.

4.3 Rise & Shine Yoga School accepts no responsibility for keeping their website up to date and will not be liable for any loss by its failure to do so.

Article 5: Reservation of ownership, property rights

5.1. Rise & Shine Yoga School retains all copyright license rights and sole exclusive ownership of the information, photographs and material displayed on its website. The material may not be modified, copied or used in any other way.

5.2 Rise & Shine Yoga School retains all copyright license rights and sole exclusive ownership of all the yoga course manuals, handouts, sequences and other yoga teacher training course information, online yoga teacher trainings, online workshops and online retreats. These can only be used for personal usage. Violation of these rights by spreading it to others, or plagiarism can lead to severe legal consequences.

5.3 You must fully and unconditionally respect all intellectual and industrial property rights that rest on the products and services delivered by Rise & Shine Yoga School.

Article 6: Health & Safety

6.1 The customer must comply fully with any health and safety regulations that are introduced by Rise & Shine Yoga School and their leading yoga teachers Kata Van Doesselaar & Erno van Doesselaar in all Yoga Retreats and/or Yoga Teacher Trainings. The customer must ensure that he/she is medically, mentally and physically fit and able to join Rise & Shine Yoga School's Yoga teacher trainings and/or Yoga retreats and be able to participate in activities. All customers are recommended to seek doctor’s advice if practicing yoga is safe for them. Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for any injuries to the customer in his/her use of our facilities and/or participation in any of our activities. The customer must always stop and rest if he/she is feeling any pain or sickness and directly inform the teacher about this. In case of any previous injuries Rise & Shine Yoga School has to be informed by the customer, before the start of the activity that the customer wants to participate in.

Article 7: Certification procedure for Yoga Teacher Trainings

7.1 Rise & Shine Yoga School provides Yoga Alliance approved Yoga teacher trainings. In order to obtain the official Yoga Alliance certificate all the instructions of Rise and Shine Yoga School's yoga teachers need to be followed, all assignments need to be completed and all contact hours in the yoga teacher trainings must be attended.

7.2 In case there are written exams required and/or video recordings that need to be send in, these have to be completed by the deadline that is given by Rise & Shine Yoga School's yoga teachers and Rise & Shine Yoga School. All communication by Rise & Shine Yoga School in this matter is legally binding.

Article 8: Guidelines to attend Yoga teacher trainings / Yoga retreats

8.1 Participants must accept the guidelines of Rise & Shine Yoga Ibiza in order to participate in any Yoga Retreat and / or Yoga Teacher training.

These can be found below these Terms and Conditions.

Article 9: Property use

9.1 The customer shall not use the property except for the permitted use and shall commit to all the instructions and guidelines that are provided by Rise & Shine Yoga School.

The customer shall not use the property for any offensive, noisy, dangerous, illegal, entertainment, and/or immoral or improper purposes. The customer is not allowed to cause any disturbance or annoyance for fellow guests, the staff and/or owners of Rise & Shine Yoga School.

9.2 The customer shall keep all Retreat fixtures, fittings, furniture and effects in a clean and good condition and shall announce directly to Rise & Shine Yoga School when any articles are broken or missing. These articles will have to be replaced with articles of an exact similar kind and of equal value. The total amount of this will be deducted from the deposit.

9.3 Rise & Shine Yoga School reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate use of the Yoga retreat location or any of its facilities by the customer in the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions and the guidelines and instructions that have been provided by Rise & Shine Yoga School. In this case the customer will be required to vacate the property and Rise & Shine Yoga School will not refund any payment or accept any consequential liability, damages or loss.

Article 10. Complaints, Refunds and Liability

10.1a. If for any reason you are unable to take part in the yoga retreat or yoga teacher training that you have booked, Rise & Shine Yoga School reserves the right to keep the entire amount of your booking. Due to the various costs incurred for teachers, catering, accommodation and deposits of bookings with third parties, Rise & Shine Yoga School cannot offer a refund.

A 100% non-refundable policy applies for this.

10.1b For all listed yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings of Rise & Shine Yoga School

on all websites and on Tripaneer's booking portals BookYogaRetreats and Book Yoga Teacher Trainings, there applies a 100% non- refundable policy.

It is obliged that you always take a travel and cancellation insurance and/or medical insurance with covid19 policy. Usually this is offered as a package. In case there is an urgent reason why you have to cancel your booking, then the insurance you have booked can offer you coverage according to their policy.

10.2 Rise & Shine Yoga School reserves the right to remove a participant from a yoga retreat and/or yoga teacher training without refund payment.

For instance, when at the start of a Yoga Teacher Training and/or Yoga Retreat or during a Yoga Teacher Training and/or Yoga Retreat a participant is not able to respect the guidelines of the teachers, and/or not able to respect the other participants in the group and/or not able to respect the General Guidelines of Rise & Shine Yoga School, Rise & Shine Yoga

School reserves the right to refuse this person further access to the relevant Yoga Retreat and/or Yoga Teacher Training, without any form of restitution.

10.3 Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for loss, damage and / or theft of personal property. It is always recommended to keep valuable belongings with you.

10.4 Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for delay or cancellation of any flights, boats, trains or other forms of transport and any resulting consequences for the participants/customers. If this will result in not being able to provide the official Yoga Alliance certificate due to a loss of contact hours, Rise & Shine Yoga School will inform the participant concerned and give them information in how to resolve this. Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for any extra costs in this for the participant/customer.

10.5 Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for any failures beyond its control.

This includes natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, closure of airports, strikes, civil strife, accidents or failure to perform by third parties, including suppliers, yoga teachers and subcontractors and non-compliance by third parties. Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for any damage and/or financial loss caused by third parties, including suppliers, yoga teachers and subcontractors.

10.6 Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for loss, damage, injury or illness that the consumer may have incurred during the Yoga Teacher Training and / or Retreats and during the trip to and from the training locations.

10.7. Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for damage caused by improper use of the delivered products. Also, Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for the occurrence of physical, emotional and / or mental injuries during yoga classes, yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings and / or in the yoga room and / or the yoga retreat location.

10.8 Rise & Shine Yoga School retains all rights to cancel a scheduled Yoga Teacher Training and/or Yoga Retreat and they will inform the customer about this as soon as possible.

Rise & Shine Yoga School will make sure to offer an alternative in replacement of the cancelled Yoga Teacher Training and/or Yoga Retreat, however we do not accept any liability for any possible extra costs for this, including travel costs and flight tickets.
Adding to this that the booking will remain 100 % non refundable. (art 10.2)

10.9 It is obligatory to all customers to have adequate travel insurance, cancellation insurance and medical insurance including covid19 policy for the period of travel and accommodation during the Yoga Retreat and / or Yoga Teacher training.

Article 11: Orders / communication

11.1. For misunderstanding, mutilation, delays or inadequate delivery of orders and announcements as a result of the use of the internet or any other means of communication in traffic between you and Rise & Shine Yoga School or between Rise & Shine Yoga School and third parties, insofar as they relate to the relationship between you and Rise & Shine Yoga School, Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable.

11.2. Rise & Shine Yoga School strives to respond as quickly as possible to any communication, e-mail or postal communication. However Rise & Shine Yoga School cannot guarantee the specified response time.

Article 12: Force Majeure

12.1 Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for any failures beyond its control.

This includes natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, closure of airports, strikes, civil strife, accidents or failure to perform by third parties, including suppliers, yoga teachers and subcontractors and non-compliance by third parties, including suppliers, yoga teachers and subcontractors. Rise & Shine Yoga School is not liable for any damage and/or financial loss caused by third parties, including suppliers, teachers and subcontractors. It is obligatory to all our customers to have an adequate medical, travel and cancellation insurance.

Article 13: Warranty

13.1. If Rise & Shine Yoga School delivers products to the customer, they are never held to a further guarantee in relation to the customer than that on which Rise & Shine Yoga School can claim against its supplier. Warranty period will always be clearly indicated on the invoice if applicable. Complaints due to outwardly visible defects must be submitted in writing by the client in accordance with the contract conditions, but no later than within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the goods. Complaints received by Rise & Shine Yoga School after the expiry of this period need not be processed by Rise & Shine Yoga School.

Article 14 Applicable Law

14.1. All rights, obligations, offers, orders, bookings and agreements to which these General Terms and Conditions apply, as well as these General Terms and Conditions, are governed exclusively by Dutch law.

14.2. All disputes between parties will only be submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands

© 2022 – Copyrights Rise & Shine Yoga School – All rights reserved

© 2022 – Copyrights Kata van Doesselaar – All rights reserved

Rise & Shine Yoga School – Molenstraat 20 – 7551 DC Hengelo – NL – KvK 56776489

Guidelines for Yoga Teacher Trainings & Yoga Retreats:

Participating in a Yoga teacher training for the first time can be life changing, sometimes challenging and self-empowering due to the deeply transformative character of Yoga and our teachings. Rise & Shine Yoga School is dedicated to provide a nurturing, safe and inspiring atmosphere where deep transformation can take place. Every practice, every step of these Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats is connected and they enhance the powerful and transformative experience that we can provide you with.

In respect to this we have created these guidelines that are applying to all Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga (Detox) Retreats:

1. If you are under treatment of psychiatric medications (e.g. strong anti-depressants), or if you are having continuous psychological treatments to create balance in your life, we do not recommend you to attend our trainings & retreats.

    2. We require from our students not to take any alcohol or drugs from the beginning until the end of all our yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats. This because it takes away all energy that has been carefully build up for your transformation and it sends off a disruptive signal to other participants in the group. If anyone does, they will be removed from the event.

    3. It is required to attend to all hours of the Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats.

    This in order to keep a unity and focus in our community that we form as a group of participants together. And it is required for the amount of contact hours as part of the procedure for official certification by Rise & Shine Yoga School and the Yoga Alliance.

    4. In the evenings it is required for everyone to be back on the training site at 22.00 latest. This to ensure that others who want to have a good night rest, will not be disturbed.

    5. A Yoga Teacher Training and/or Yoga Retreat is a group experience where we are in a small community together. Sometimes we might not understand others, but that is no reason to get into judgment. Everyone has had their life experiences, and everyone is here to learn a lot about Yoga to enrich themselves. We create a group atmosphere of acceptance and independence at the same time, so everyone can find their own space to connect to themselves. We expect you to respect our teaching guidelines and we expect you to respect others in the group as well.

    6. Take good care of yourself.

    Be sure to be well prepared with a good travel insurance, cancelation insurance and medical insurance including covid19 policy. Usually this is offered as one package. We urge you to do this, as this is your responsibility. Please note that unfortunately there are mosquitoes around, most likely during the entire year.

    Our Recommendation:

    We recommend that you do not schedule other activities during the course of your

    Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga Retreat and gift yourself with these days to just be with yourself, so you can absorb all the energies of the yoga teacher training / yoga retreat and the magical locations.

    Taking care of you is your own loving responsibility :-)

    Rise & Shine Yoga School wishes you an unforgettable empowering, joyful and nurturing yoga experience!

    With our Love & Blessings,
    Rise & Shine Yoga School

    Onze privacy policy

    Rise & Shine Yoga School ("Rise & Shine Yoga School"; ''wij''), gevestigd in Nederland, leveren diensten aan onze website bezoekers ( "u" ). Onze diensten bestaan uit het leveren van online yoga trainingen, yoga retreats, internationaal gecertificeerde yoga docenten opleidingen en andere Diensten. (de "Diensten") Wij verwerken persoonsgegevens in het kader van deze Diensten. 

    Rise & Shine Yoga School acht zorgvuldige verwerking van persoonsgegevens van het grootste belang. Persoonsgegevens worden zorgvuldig verwerkt en beveiligd. Bij de verwerking houden we ons aan de vereisten van de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (de "AVG"). Deze Privacyverklaring zet uiteen hoe wij uw gegevens verzamelen en gebruiken, in overeenstemming met de AVG.

    In deze Privacyverklaring leggen wij uit welke persoonsgegevens wij verzamelen en gebruiken, en met welk doel wij dat doen. Wij raden u aan deze Privacyverklaring zorgvuldig te lezen. Deze Privacyverklaring heeft betrekking op onze website, https://riseandshineyogaschool.com en https://www.rsyogahilversum.nl/ ; gerelateerde websites en Diensten.

    Deze Privacyverklaring is voor het laatst aangepast op: 25-05-2018

    Gebruik van persoonsgegevens

    Als u gebruik maakt van websites en gerelateerde Diensten die Rise & Shine Yoga School aanbiedt, dan kunt u persoonsgegevens met ons delen.
    Wij verzamelen en maken gebruik van persoonsgegevens die u, of uw bedrijf, direct met ons deelt. Wij zullen de persoonsgegevens niet voor andere doeleinden gebruiken dan beschreven in deze verklaring, tenzij u daar vooraf toestemming voor heeft gegeven.

    Soorten gegevens verzameld

    Wanneer u gebruik maakt van onze Diensten, dan kunnen we de volgende gegevens verzamelen:

    • Persoonlijke identificatiegegevens: naam, achternaam;
    • Contactinformatie: adres, e-mail, telefoonnummer;
    • Betaalinformatie; BTW nummer, Bankrekeningnummer;
    • Afbeeldingen waarmee u kunt worden geïdentificeerd;
    • Andere informatie die u vrijwillig besluit te delen met ons: social media accounts, login ID, IP-adres, feedback, reviews en meningen.
    • Gegevens over uw surfgedrag over verschillende websites heen (bijvoorbeeld omdat dit bedrijf onderdeel is van een advertentienetwerk)

    Gronden voor de verwerking

    Wij verwerken uw persoonsgegevens in het algemeen voor de volgende doeleinden:

    • Aanmelden en verifiëren / authenticeren van gebruikers van de Diensten;
    • Communicatie tussen Rise & Shine Yoga School en website bezoekers;
    • Opmaken en versturen van facturen
    • Spam preventie;
    • Het versturen van nieuwsbrieven via e-mail;
    • Analyse van statistieken en optimalisatie van de Diensten.
    • Rise & Shine Yoga & School verwerkt ook persoonsgegevens als wij hier wettelijk toe verplicht zijn, zoals gegevens die wij nodig hebben voor onze belastingaangifte. 

    Wij verzamelen uw persoonsgegevens op basis van de gerechtvaardigde belangen of uw toestemming, die u te allen tijde kunt intrekken.

    Bewaren van persoonsgegevens

    Wij bewaren uw persoonsgegevens zo lang als nodig is ter realisering van de doeleinden van deze Privacyverklaring. In het algemeen bewaren we persoonsgegevens van onze website bezoekers voor 12 maanden.

    Uw rechten

    U heeft het recht op inzage van de informatie die wij verwerken. Als u dat wilt, kunt u direct contact met ons opnemen. We zorgen ervoor dat we u een kopie bezorgen van de gegevens die we over u verwerken. Mogelijk moeten we uw identiteit verifiëren om aan uw verzoek te voldoen. Als u gelooft dat de verstrekte informatie die we over u verwerken niet juist is, dan kunt u contact met ons opnemen om uw informatie te updaten. U heeft ook het recht om bezwaar te maken tegen de gegevensverwerking. Als u wilt dat wij uw informatie verwijderen, dan kunt u ons op ieder moment informeren. U kunt op elk moment contact met ons opnemen met betrekking tot deze verzoeken. We zullen altijd tijdig reageren, in overeenstemming met de AVG. Mocht u niet tevreden zijn met het antwoord dat u ontvangt, dan kunt u uw klacht voorleggen aan de betreffende toezichthouder.

    Delen met anderen

    We zullen uw informatie niet delen met anderen zonder uw toestemming, tenzij dit noodzakelijk is in het kader van de uitvoering van de overeenkomst die u, of uw organisatie, met ons heeft afgesloten, of tenzij dit een wettelijke verplichting is.

    Doorgifte van persoonsgegevens

    Ter realisering van de doeleinden beschreven in deze Privacyverklaring kunnen wij uw gegevens buiten de EER overdragen. Wanneer dit het geval is, zullen wij de juiste maatregelen nemen om er zeker van te zijn dat persoonsgegevens goed beveiligd zijn. Voor overdrachten naar de Verenigde Staten zorgen wij ervoor dat een dergelijke Amerikaanse partij aan het Privacy Shield voldoet. Voor andere overdrachten, kunnen we uw gegevens overdragen aan een door de Europese Commissie erkend land dat met betrekking tot Persoonsgegevens een passend beschermingsniveau biedt.


    Gegevens die u verstrekt, kunnen worden bewaard voor het maken van statistische analyses, waaronder via Google Analytics en Piwik. Deze statistieken worden gebruikt om de Diensten te optimaliseren. Zo kunnen wij zien hoe onze bezoekers de website gebruiken en op basis daarvan de website verbeteren. Waar mogelijk, zullen we deze gegevens pseudonimiseren. (anoniem maken)
    Dit betekent dat het IP-adres wordt gemaskeerd, er een AVG verwerkingsovereenkomst is getekend met Google en dat er geen data wordt doorgestuurd voor aanvullende Google-diensten. Tevens zijn de functies voor remarketing en rapportage in Google Analytics uitgeschakeld.


    Wij willen u op een gebruiksvriendelijke manier relevante en persoonlijke informatie kunnen bieden. Hiervoor maken wij op onze websites gebruik van verschillende soorten cookies. Wij plaatsen bijvoorbeeld cookies die noodzakelijk zijn voor het functioneren van de site. Denk hierbij aan de mogelijkheid tot reageren, de werking van spamfilters, het afspelen van video en caching om de website sneller te maken. Ook gebruiken wij analytische cookies die geen inbreuk maken op uw privacy.

    In het algemeen worden cookies bewaard voor de duur van de (browser)sessie. Bovendien kan uw IP-adres worden opgeslagen in de logbestanden van onze webserver als u van onze Diensten gebruik maakt. Dit is noodzakelijk om onze Diensten op de juiste manier te beheren en te beveiligen.
    We gebruiken uw IP-adres niet om uw online gedrag te volgen of te registeren. Meestal zijn we niet in staat om uw IP-adres te koppelen aan uw naam, adres of andere identificerende informatie, behalve wanneer u ons dergelijke informatie verstrekt en gebruik blijft maken van hetzelfde IP-adres.

    Daarnaast plaatsen we cookies die uw surfgedrag bijhouden zodat we op maat gemaakte content en advertenties kunnen aanbieden. Bij uw eerste bezoek aan onze website hebben wij u al geïnformeerd over deze cookies en toestemming gevraagd voor het plaatsen ervan. Onze website gebruikt de Google Ads Remarketing service om te adverteren op websites van derden (inclusief Google). Deze advertenties zijn gericht op bezoekers die onze website hebben bezocht.

    U kunt zich afmelden voor cookies door uw internetbrowser zo in te stellen dat deze geen cookies meer opslaat. Daarnaast kunt u ook alle informatie die eerder is opgeslagen via de instellingen van uw browser bij "geschiedenis" verwijderen.


    We zorgen ervoor dat uw persoonsgegevens tegen verlies of tegen onrechtmatige verwerking worden beveiligd.
    Wij hebben onder andere de volgende technische en organisatorische maatregelen genomen:

    • Logische toegangscontrole, gebruik van wachtwoorden en mogelijk een tweede factor;
    • Encryptie van data;
    • Pseudonimiseren van data;
    • Het gebruik van Virtual Private Servers (VPN) toegankelijk met de SSH-sleutel;
    • Overdrachten alleen over SSL;
    • Purpose-bound toegangsbeperkingen;
    • Controle van erkende autorisaties.

    Websites en Diensten van derden

    Deze Privacyverklaring is niet van toepassing op websites van derden die worden bezocht via links. We kunnen niet garanderen dat deze derden uw persoonlijke gegevens veilig en betrouwbaar behandelen. Wij adviseren u om de privacyverklaringen van deze partijen te lezen.

    Rise & Shine Yoga School

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    7551 DC Hengelo

    The Netherlands

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